2016 is set to be the hottest year on record, experts warn: Stay hydrated with a water bottle from Hydration Centre

During the summer months, keeping hydrated is an important part of staying healthy, and with warm temperatures expected for 2016 drinking water can also help to keep cool in the hot weather. As summer is fast approaching, the public can prepare for the predicted levels of heat this year with a reusable water bottle from Hydration Centre.

In a global forecast earlier this year, the Met Office announced that 2016 is set to be the warmest year on record. Factors such as climate change were cited as contributing towards making 2016 even warmer globally, than the already high temperatures that were experienced in 2015. 

The recent heatwave experienced in Britain over a weekend in May confirmed this news, with temperatures reaching up to 25 °. Those enjoying the influx of sun are reminded to keep hydrated to stay healthy whilst spending more time outdoors in the rising heat.

Trevor Hudson, creator of Hydration Centre commented, “Regardless of whether we should be happy about the incoming great weather, or concerned about the factors which may be causing it, the fact remains that we are going to be experiencing much hotter temperatures than ever before this year. With summer soon to come, I urge the British public to remember to drink enough water to cope with the increasing heat. Suffering from dehydration can cause a number of negative health implications, at the very least making you tired and lethargic. A reusable water bottle from Hydration centre can help you to always have drinking water accessible, whenever you need it most”.

Hydration centre stock a range of premium quality reusable KOR water bottles. All bottles feature an innovative mouthpiece designed for easy drinking and are made from safe, BPA free plastic. Purchasing a hard wearing, stylish and reusable water bottle from hydration centre can make staying hydrated easy, as Britain is about to enter a long, hot summer.

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Hydration Centre believe that hydration can be easily integrated into even the busiest of lifestyles by using a high quality product to store water in - making a style statement whilst looking after your health. The result is their unique range of KOR water bottles, offering beautiful hydration products that are safe to use and totally BPA free. 



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