30 tonnes of soup pots tasty project for plastics recycling company

CK Polymers, a division of the CK Group based in Lincoln has been appointed to collect over thirty tonnes of out of stock soup pots from TSC Foods in Scunthorpe.

The company¹s speed of response to the initial enquiry from TSC Foods and its ability to collect what amounts to almost one million soup pots in loose boxes on 250 pallets clinched the deal for CK Group, who are Europe¹s leading provider of recycled plastic regrind.

Commenting, Commercial Director Chris Collier said, ³When the pots arrive at our processing facility in Binbrooke, we will grind them, de-dust and de-metal them, and then conduct thorough laboratory tests to confirm their quality. We then have an Italian compounder lined up who is buying the plastic regrind to make a light coloured compound to manufacture products out of recycled plastic for the automotive industry².

CK Polymers specialise in recycling a variety of plastics. This includes redundant plastic products, packaging waste, end of life stock and manufacturing waste in large volumes. The CK Group has an extensive network of recycling partners located across the UK and Ireland, and is usually able find a home for any plastic which is recyclable.

TSC Foods is an award winning food manufacturing company and supplies chilled and frozen sauces and soups, as well as risottos, prepared cooked vegetables, dips, dressings, gravies, and marinades


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