3D Brow Building Kit Launches As Perfect Solution For Salon Owners

Say hello to beautifully defined brows as VZ Hair and Glamour unveil their revolutionary new 4Longer waterproof low maintenance Eyebrow Enhancement Treatment.  Developed by the in-house team of beauty buffs, the comprehensive professional salon systems allow stylists to build, sculpt and paint using individual hairs and textured skin paints to tint / colour the skin underneath the hair. This cutting edge technique creates a shadow to add more fuller, bolder gorgeous 3D brows that last more than 3 weeks.

Using specially formulated glue, brow technicians apply individual eyebrow extensions to create a wonderfully realistic look. Brows are waterproof, smudge proof and require zero touch ups or extra makeup. Cured in a matter of hours, the Semi Permanent Eyebrow Extensions Enhancement Salon Kit is set to be crowned as the best non evasive eyebrow treatment in the business.

According to the latest research carried out by online retailer QVC and institutional women’s magazine Cosmopolitan, British ladies are brow obsessed. Perfectly groomed arches have become one of the biggest beauty priorities of the decade, with women spending over £2.3 billion a year on brow grooming. The search for the perfect ‘power brow’ has led to one third of ladies shaping their brows on a daily basis, and a huge 2.2 million individuals spending over £240 per year on lash maintenance. Yet despite the enduring obsession, over one fifth of women admit to finding it difficult to achieve the perfect look. VZ Hair and Glamour is putting an end to eyebrow bothers with the long-lasting Semi Permanent Eyebrow Extensions Enhancement Salon Kit.

Veronica Koppelman, founder of VZ Hair and Glamour said, “The power of the perfectly shaped eyebrow is becoming a seriously central beauty priority. It’s evident in the fact that women are now spending more time and money on their arches than ever before. Inspired by modern day beauty icons such as Kate Middleton and Cara Delevigne, as well as classic style symbols such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, our Semi Permanent Eyebrow Extensions Salon Kit has been designed to help ladies master the art of beautiful brows.”

As well as helping style savvy women create beautiful brows, the 3D sculpting kit is a godsend for anyone suffering the effects of sparse hair distribution, over plucking, medical hair loss conditions, hormone imbalances, menopause, scarring or ageing.

For salon owners, adding this Semi Permanent Eyebrow Extensions Kit service to the beauty menu is a fantastic opportunity to boost sales. With repeat infill business every three to four weeks, 3D brow shaping will soon become an irreplaceable money spinner. The Comprehensive Brow Sculpting Professional  Kits come with everything that’s needed to build, sculpt and colour.

This includes:

  • 2 in 1 Eyebrow Cleanser & Primer
  • Special Formulated Medical Grade Eyebrow Extension Clear Glue
  • Eyebrow Remover
  • Eyebrow Skin Paint – High Pigment Dark Brown
  • Eyebrow Skin Paint – High Pigment Medium Brown
  • Eyebrow Skin Paint – High Pigment Light Brown
  • Eyebrow Skin Paint Setting Formula (dries clear)
  • Eyebrow Skin Painting Brush
  • Straight Eyebrow Tweezers (Anti Static)
  • Micro brushes
  • Mascara Wands
  • Tray individual Eyebrow Extensions - Dark brown
  • Tray individual Eyebrow Extensions - Medium Brown
  • Tray individual Eyebrow Extensions - Light Brown
  • Glue Rings
  • Jade Stone
  • Eyebrow Pal
  • Brow Marker
  • Eyebrow Scissors
  • Detailed Step by Step Tutorial Workbook 
  • Online support

To find out more about VZ Hair and Glamour and the salon standard Semi Permanent Eyebrow Extensions Professional Salon Kit, visit the website at: www.vzhairandglamour.com  


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