3D printing technology creates unique keepsake for expectant parents

For parents-to-be the pregnancy is a special time that they want to cherish and remember for their entire lives. Having a 4D scan is often a poignant memory for expectant parents as they get to see their baby’s facial details for the first time and now they can capture the rush of love and excitement they felt in a unique keepsake from The 3D Baby Printer.

The company converts images of a 4D scan into one of a kind prints that will ensure memories last a lifetime. The astonishing prints pick up all of the details from the 4D scan photo, capturing each baby’s unique facial expressions and personality, making it the perfect gift for mums-to-be or for the parents to purchase themselves as a truly individual memento of their child before he or she arrives.

Damian Coleman, CEO and Founder of The 3D Baby Printer, said, “4D scans are great keepsakes on their own but by using 3D printing technology they can become something that is really special and treasured by both parents and the child once they are older. I came up with the idea for The 3D Baby Printer after someone said 4D scans were like almost being able to touch the baby, that was my eureka moment and I turned my IT skills to creating the 3D models that families can cherish today.”

Individuals that are keen to purchase a 3D printing of their or a family member’s scan simply need to visit The 3D Baby Printer’s website after visiting a clinic and collecting their scan pictures. From the site users can upload their favourite image and the company will set about creating their precious keepsake of the baby. The whole process takes around ten days and customers are presented with a beautifully framed 3D image that they can take pride in displaying around their homes and showing to family and friends. 

A single frame featuring the 3D printing costs £140, while a double frame that shows of both the print and the 4D scan image costs £150.

To find out more visit http://www.the3dbabyprinter.com/.


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The 3D Baby Printer is an Irish company based in Cork. The firm converts 4D pregnancy scans into a 3D print that is then framed and posted to expectant parents, the unique product can be a keepsake of a special and life changing time.  



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