UK-based startup company focuses on building 3D printers for home users, its mission to make 3D confectionery printing accessible to wide range of consumers and food industry professionals.

  • World’s first “confectionery focused” 3D food printer, retailing at $499
  • UK based startup aiming to raise $100,000 via Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign

3D Ventures, a London, UK-based startup company focusing on building 3D printers for home users, announced that it will be manufacturing food 3D printing products for a “wide range of consumers” as well as food industry professionals.  The printer is a World exclusive product to focus purely on confectionery.

This announcement comes on the heels of other similar launches from companies such as Foodini and ChefJet, yet 3D Ventures representatives have made it clear that their company’s products fall more into the “affordable” end of the market to attract impulse buyers shopping for such items in the $500 (U.S.) and under category – far below the $1000 mark that many rival tech companies have pitched their products at. 

3D Ventures’ first product, “Candy,” is a printer that helps consumers decorate cakes, make cookies, print bespoke chocolates and more.

“When we started working on this project, there were a handful of food 3D printers on the market – none of them focusing on confectionery printing - and all of which cost thousands of dollars,” says a 3D Ventures senior spokesperson. “We wanted to change that – to turn the food 3D printing industry on its head by developing a premium product and selling it at a great price to make it available for mass market and impulse purchasing. Our 'Candy' printer was the result.”

According to 3D Ventures representatives, Candy can print using any semi-solid foodstuff, operated by filling up the dispenser with a filling of choice, selecting the design required from the supplied SD card and, ultimately, printing.

Users can design on their computers or use one of the preset designs that the SD card comes loaded with. “3D printing food puts the fun back into cooking,” adds the 3D Ventures spokesperson. “It’s a great way to spend time with family, and with Candy, users know exactly what is going into their food and can make it look any way they like.” 

3D Ventures reps say Candy is also ideal for professional confectioners looking to add speed and consistency to the production of their cakes and candies. Further, say representatives, customers can order only 3D Ventures’ electric extruder if they wish and use it with their current 3D printer. 

As the world’s first truly low-cost food 3D printer boasting an MSRP of $499 (U.S.), Candy was created from the outset to be aesthetically appealing, featuring a sleek, open design that allows for views of the food being prepared while allowing easy access for cleaning. Its fiberglass exterior is available in a range of “exciting colors.”

3D Ventures notes that the company is aiming to reach a fundraising goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter to attract as many backers as possible.  Their campaign pitch can be seen at:

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