50% of HR Professionals Say Absence Management Is Key Concern – IQTimecard Helps Monitor Workers More Effectively

found that around half of HR professionals believe absence management is a ‘key concern’.

The survey, which asked professionals in the HR sector what criteria would be most important in choosing a workforce management tool, found that absence management and employee absence in general was of high concern. 47% of 350 respondents said they would focus on leave tracking and absence management if they had to choose a new workforce monitoring solution tomorrow – placing it more important than workforce scheduling, time tracking or labour analytics.

The survey also found that 77% of organisations manage absence manually or in-house – but just 1% of them marked their absence management process as ‘excellent’. It seems businesses aren’t confident that they’re doing enough to battle absence or manage it more effectively.

IQTimecard is a time and attendance solution with a strong absence management provision. It sends notifications when employees haven’t clocked into a client location, and it ensures that employees are only paid for the hours they’ve actually worked, rather than using a rota system. With additional scheduling provisions that are robust and effective, for those last-minute shift swaps, IQTimecard is a great solution for businesses and HR departments that want to get a grip of employee absence.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says, “According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), employee absence in the UK costs employers £31.1bn per year. Managers often scramble to fill vacancies for short-term absences, and long-term vacancies due to sick leave can be even harder to fill, especially in industries with high employee turnover, like social care or contract cleaning.”

He adds, “IQTimecard makes it easier for employees to manage these factors and plan for any scenario. With sophisticated scheduling tools, the ability to check up on unauthorised absences, and a notification tool which sends alerts when a staff member hasn’t showed up, our time and attendance solution is a perfect choice for HR teams worried about how absences will affect their bottom line.”

IQTimecard can help fight the battle against absence on a number of fronts. It reduces the need for laborious leave-related paperwork – the entire system is automated, and doesn’t rely on paper timesheets or forms in order to pay staff the correct amount. Employers can also get an idea of their employees’ availability at a glance, with a responsive user interface which tells them exactly who is free to fill a shift if someone calls in sick at the last moment.

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About IQTimecard: IQTimecard is a fully hosted and managed remote workforce management solution using cutting-edge telephony services, all of which have been developed to provide low cost, comprehensive real time information on workforce activity.