84% Of Teachers Cite Classroom Workload As A Major Cause of Poor Health – PDC Education Resources Can Help

An increasing workload, long hours and multiple inspections are damaging teacher’s health according to a new survey. Carried out by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), the poll has revealed that almost half of all education staff (four in ten) have visited their doctor this academic year with a quarter taking sick leave from their job due to the pressures of teaching. For those finding classroom pressures are getting out of hand, help is available from teaching resources specialists, PDC Education. The firm has recently expanded its collection of teacher tools, with more lesson plans, updated worksheets, student activities, brand new assembly ideas and useful assessment tools, all available to download online from www.teaching-resources-uk.com.

Over 70% of those questioned by the ATL believed that teaching had a negative impact on their health. A startling 84% of the respondents revealed that their workload as a teacher was the main contributing factor to their poor health, with a further 69% citing long hours and 47% the pressure of inspections. Rebecca Jordan, Director of PDC Education said, “These figures come as little surprise. We have been working with teachers for over 10 years and have seen how their workload has changed. A recent survey of our own members has also confirmed that finding time to develop and deliver the required curriculum content is a concern. We remain firmly committed to continuing to provide time-saving solutions to secondary teachers”.

PDC Education’s teaching resources cover all aspects of secondary education, providing teachers with time-saving tools for every day of the week. Beginning at the start of the day, the website hosts a total of 117 assembly resources for KS3 and KS4. The ready to use ideas include teacher scripts and PowerPoint presentations. Assembly ideas are arranged by term and cover topics such as world events, religious festivals, school topics such as anti-bullying, work experience and peer pressure and school events.

There are also 100 careers education resources, pre-prepared and ready to use. The careers lessons plans cover key stage 3 options through to post 16 opportunities. Whether it’s for an enrichment day, off-timetable event, through the curriculum or a form time exercise, the worksheets and activities are flexible and varied. They can be downloaded and used in conjunction with the provided supporting materials, immediately.

As a statutory subject at key stage 3 and 4, citizenship education aims to give students an understanding of the role they play in society. PDC Education has developed 78 citizenship lessons teaching resources, all of which take a broad look at the topic, highlighting how the system works at a local, national and European levels and shows students how they can take an active part in their community. All are suitable for use across a range of learning styles and abilities. An assessment tool is also available. The resources have been created by ASTs and the lesson plans are ready to use in class, providing a valuable time-saving function for the 69% of teachers worried about long work hours and its impact on wellbeing.

Produced in conjunction with ASTs and business advisors, Teaching-Resources-UK.com offers 106 enterprise teaching resources assemblies and form time activities which bring real entrepreneur’s experiences into the classroom. The enterprise lesson plans are designed to fit easily into the timetable, sequentially or as independent exercises to suit. They can also be used across mixed ability groups, reducing necessary planning and preparation time and cutting down workload pressures.

Provided in a ready to print format, the website also boasts 88 ready-made PSHE lesson resources for personal and economic wellbeing. All student activities and worksheets are classroom ready and include topics such as dealing with depression, alcohol and diversity.

Whether it’s writing a CV for work experience, finding suitable work experience placements or writing work experience letters, PDC Education’s work-related learning teaching resources guide the students through the process, even providing a work experience diary for them to complete.

Finally, a total of 202 constructive form time resources created by Advanced Skills Teachers can be printed off and used immediately.

Ms Jordan added, “All of our teaching resources have been carefully designed by experienced professionals. They are presented by topic and can be printed and used straight away or downloaded and saved for later. Each helpful unit covers everything needed to teach the topic at hand with activities, learning outcomes and supporting materials readily accessible. Our teaching resources are designed to save under pressure teachers hours of time searching for suitable materials and teaching ideas, helping to lessen the burden.”

Each lesson plan and all supporting materials can be downloaded from www.teaching-resources-uk.com.

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About Teaching-Resources-UK.com: Teaching-resources-uk.com is managed by PDC Education. PDC Education offers secondary schools the chance to enrich their timetable and planning by providing them with a solution to the Personal Development curriculum. Its suite of online teaching resources, form time activities and assemblies cover careers, citizenship, enterprise, PSHE and work-related learning. Its resources bring specialist knowledge into the classroom – meaning that teachers don’t have to claim to be experts in potentially difficult areas of the personal development curriculum. Many of the resources have been created by teachers with Advanced Skills (AST’s), and have been tried and tested successfully in classrooms across the UK.



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