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The world is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Advances in technology and the use of computers and software in even more sectors often leaves paper documents obsolete. Good news for helping to streamline businesses and their services, it does mean that companies can be left with thousands of important files and documents that clutter up offices.

Pearl Scan, one of the leading document scanning specialists in the UK, is helping businesses take the plunge into the 21stcentury with their accurate data entry service. It offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to convert documents into specific computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as PDF and other popular image file formats.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group said, “Businesses are extremely busy. And as a result, manual data entry tasks are all too often put to the bottom of the pile, building up over time as other tasks take priority. Businesses then get to the point where staff don't have the time to enter all of this information themselves into the system so hire temporary or contract staff to carry out the work. This makes the whole process extremely costly and can actually outweigh the need for the data in the end. By choosing to outsource this simple, yet time-consuming job, businesses could save up to half of their costs, which could then be distributed elsewhere within the business.”

If the data is clear in computerised format, it is advisable to have the information captured using advanced data capture software. If however this is not the case and data is unclear or unreadable by OCR, OMR or ICR – in the case of very old documents or handwritten notes for example, they will need to be entered manually.

Pearl Scan has a whole team with many years’ experience in data entry to ensure all copy and data is of the highest quality, accurate and turned around in a timely manner to guarantee it adds value to the organisation.

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Pearl Scan Solutions (Group) was founded in 2003 to support organisations facing document management issues and challenges in their desire to go paperless to become more efficient. Since then, they have grown into a leading national document scanning services provider that delivers the highest quality document scanning and data capture services, enabling clients to successfully unlock the value of the information contained in their files, resulting in increased productivity, performance, competitive advantages and in most cases significant reductions in cost.



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