Ace Supplies offers quality equipment that can save lives

Plastic buckles, components, fabrics, webbing, hooks and handles may not be the first things that spring to mind when thinking about objects that can save lives, however thanks to a specialist company in the heart of Shropshire, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ace Supplies is one of the largest suppliers of such items to a range of sectors that really make a difference. The company provides a series of valuable equipment to the MOD and PPE, marine industry, healthcare sector, public services and leisure industry in order to keep personnel safe and ensure they are able to carry out their duties safely and effectively.

Chris Jones, Commercial and Sales Manager, at Ace Supplies, said, “We have been at the forefront of the plastic buckles market for over three decades, so have seen the incredible changes and developments first-hand, and as a result, have always been the first to respond accordingly. In that time we have built some strong relationships with businesses in the sector – which shines through thanks to our incredible offering, as well our loyal customer base. As a result, we have concentrated purely on offering a range that exudes quality, along with value for money, but that is always complimented by unrivalled customer care.”

Plastic buckles are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on offer from Ace Supplies. They can be used across numerous sectors making it simple and easy to attach and secure military rucksacks and army belts that carry life-saving equipment, body armour, life jackets and other protective clothing that keep individuals safe, oxygen and gas masks to ensure breathing is not hindered, and to make sure belts and straps are strong when it comes to holding individuals in place.

Aside from plastic buckles in all forms, the company also boasts a range of other useful, and potentially, life-saving equipment ideal for use in a number of applications. Bungee straps bring countless uses, such as securing items, while weave webbing and cord supports a range of applications and is used in the leisure and professional sectors in equal measure, while simple, but inherently useful Velcro and adhesive dots, are commonplace in households and businesses alike have been a go-to for many years.

“The fact that we supply to the MOD, public sector, healthcare industry, marine industry and so much more just highlights our quality,” added Chris. “These are some of the most important sectors in the world, as they help to protect and keep the population safe. And our customers can rest assured that we will keep pushing for new and innovative inventions to ensure they are kept from harm.”

The company is also proud to be the official UK distributor of world renowned ITW Nexus products, as well as Due Emme Thermoplastics (2M), and uses that to firmly cement themselves as innovators and leaders in the industry by working closely with them to ensure they are always at the forefront of both innovation and design for a number of plastic fastening systems.

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ACE Supplies UK Ltd was established in 1981. A specialist supplier of plastic buckles, fasteners and fixing systems, the company supplies OEMs with design conscious fastening systems that provide cost effective solutions – without compromising form or function. One of the largest distributors of the leading brands ITW Nexus and Due Emme (2M), the product range also includes the following a variety of engineered plastics buckles and components, narrow fabrics and webbings in a variety of sizes and colours, RIPFAST®, Ace’s own brand of hook and loop tape, custom made sewn assemblies, STRAPLINE another own brand of webbing straps and handles and custom made plastic injection moulded parts. Quality and service are the company’s highest priorities, with all products checked and batch controlled. ACE has been under BS EN ISO 9001 systems since 1994 and is fully accredited to the latest level, to ensure customers are able to buy with confidence.