Addictive New App ‘Taffybounce!’ Launches on iOS systems

United Technology Solutions has unveiled an addictive, family friendly new app, available on all iOS systems including iPhones and iPads, entitled ‘Taffybounce!’ The game can be downloaded from iTunes and app stores for free and has so far received rave reviews from the gaming community.  The game has already been reviewed favourably by the AppWatch section at newswatchtv.  

Gamers are able to play on the free app as one of four interesting characters; a Candy Prince, a pirate, a lost girl or a discoverer as they assist the characters with saving their world from maleficent candy crushers. The game’s straightforward premise focuses on navigating the characters through varying terrains by bouncing on an assortment of taffy to project themselves forward.

The game enables characters to bounce forwards, backwards and upwards grabbing points in the form of wrapped candy bars. Periodic speed boosts enable players to accelerate through the air, increasing the opportunities to grab an ever-increasing number of candies. As players accumulate points, they are able to unlock new levels and can also enjoy the app’s multiplayer function ensuring that friends can play against one another to see who can rack up the highest collection of candies and unlock later levels the quickest.

Tariq Linjawi, CEO of United Technology Solutions says, “We wanted a game with a simple plot that anyone, of any age, can enjoy. The game is very easy but highly addictive. We’ve had great feedback so far and the best thing about Taffybounce! is it’s downloadable for free so it’s a great game that won’t cost a thing. We wanted to make a more interactive game in the style of another popular candy-related platform, and I think we’ve succeeded.”

Having taken into consideration the feedback of players, the app can now be installed and downloaded with several new features to optimise game play. Several new obstacles have been introduced, including threatening bubbles, to make the game more challenging. The introduction of a prize taffy that is required to be collected to move on to the next level also helps players remain engaged and focused at each stage.

One happy gamer said, “I love this game. It caters for both kids and adults. It’s fun, simple and addictive. I love the new characters and especially the pirate. My daughter loves the girl.”

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