Adopting a remote working policy can attract new wave of talent, says IQ Timecard

In order to produce fresh and innovative ideas, a constant wave of up-coming talent must be flowing through a business rather than operating with a stagnant skillset. Companies wanting to attract the millennial generation as they enter the workplace can do so by encouraging flexible working, says remote workforce management solution, IQ Timecard.

This advice from the time and attendance software company comes as statistics have been revealed, highlighting the factors that the younger generation value when looking for work. A report by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 55% of those surveyed valued flexibility and a good work-life balance to give them job satisfaction, while a global survey of workplace habits across the generations from professional services firm Ernst & Young noted the main reason that 79% of millennial workers left their job was due to flexibility stigma. With recently graduated university students now looking for employment across the UK, businesses are advised to encourage remote working within their company policies in order to attract these freshly trained workers.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard said, “No matter what your business does, employing a workforce with a varied skillset is the key to keeping up with client demands. Ensuring that you have workers from a wide range of demographics can help with this, and as the millennial generation now makes up a vast majority of those entering the workforce, it is vital to ensure your business is structured in a way that will appeal to them.”

Lynes continued, “This younger generation has different needs and values to those before them, and strict routine and structure can be off-putting for many. Allowing your staff to work from home or in a remote environment, offering a flexible working policy can help to encourage this age group to work for your company, allowing you to harness the new ideas and innovation this can bring.”

IQTimecard offers a revolutionary time and attendance software solution, available as an app on smartphones and tablets, to provide the technical infrastructure to help businesses manage a remote workforce effectively.

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