AGA Couture London – A Passion for Fabric

AGA Couture London is defined by designer Agnieszka Klaput’s exquisite attention to detail and absolute adoration of luxurious textiles. Her attraction towards creative use of fabrics, ranging from elegant and versatile silk to strong and tactile velvet was so strong, that learning these craftwork skills quickly moved from perusing a part time hobby into achieving a true calling. This passion for fabric was the birth of AGA Couture London. 

“Fashion become my passion and it has overtaken my life as I knew it. Giving me a sense of achievement, my true love for creative fabrics caused me to diverge from my profession to fulfil my desire of becoming a fashion designer,” commented AGA Couture London founder, Agnieszka Klaput.

In the build up to the AGA Couture London fashion empire, self-taught tailor AGA constructed creations that were not always meant for the catwalk, honing her seamstress skills through creating designs for theatres and dancing groups. Although the context is different to that of her magnificent pieces today, the detailed, dramatic and extravagant element required in the costumes of show performers is the trademark that holds the Aga Couture London brand together; the trademark that is achieved with expert use of fabric to form creative character.

Klaput continued “Since the age of 12 I started my love affair with high-end fashion and became keen to learn the tailoring skills and techniques responsible for producing many of the creations I admired. After years of experimentation I am now sure of the textiles and fabrics which work for the look I want to achieve and I have become confident in adding the finishing touches and flourishes to make every piece unique”.

For AGA Couture London, silk is a key fabric used for the luxury of which is exuberates and it can be seen shimmering and flowing throughout her collections. Cloque fabrics are also favoured by AGA to create varied and elaborate textures in a way which adds to the overall drama and empowerment of her pieces. To achieve smaller details, hand beading and embroidery are just some of the highly skilled practices that AGA has also mastered to produce the jaw dropping pieces she is exhibits on the runway.

With a previous career spanning five years as an antique restoration specialist, we begin to build a picture of AGA as an artistic mind with an eye for delicate touches and intricate detail and it is easy to see how she made the move from one intricate art form to the next.

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AGA Couture London is the self-built fashion empire of Polish born designer, Agnieszka Klaput. Defined by luxurious fabrics, earthy colours and limitless creativity, AGA Couture creates pieces for the contemporary, self-empowered woman.



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