Agape Caritas to launch a series of high-profile talks and debates on taboo topics

We all suffer from compassion fatigue. It’s easy to become almost immune to the disturbing, daily images of the crisis in Syria and Iraq.

The misery in sprawling refugee camps. Refugees calling out from overloaded boats on the Mediterranean. The lifeless body of three-year-old Syrian Alan Kurdi washed up on the shore after his family fled the war.
It’s not that we don’t care; more often that we just feel powerless to help in the face of such relentless suffering.

A new non-profit organisation wants to change that. Agape Caritas is launching a series of high-profile talks and debates on a wide range of subjects – and the first one is about Syria and our response to the crisis.
The ticketed events aim to support three charities changing lives on the ground.

At Agape Caritas we believe that the right mix of knowledge and emotions can reawaken compassion and lead us to take positive action. By understanding the issues and their context, listening to experts and hearing first-hand stories, we can shed our sense of powerlessness.

On 27th June 2016 at The May Fair Screening Room in London, Agape Caritas presents Syrian Stories of Life and Hope, a forum where stories of Syrian people and their quest for safety will be told for the first time
Participants will be able to network with the experts and engage with the charities that are already actively helping Syrians on the ground.

Come and listen, understand, feel. Join the Agape Caritas movement.

Buy tickets today:

Banke Laycock or Marie Dargelos Lepage
Agape Caritas
Suite 126
30 Red Lion Street
Richmond Upon Thames
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 208 614 0781

Agape Caritas is a non-profit organisation, founded to run ticketed forums that give a voice to those on the margins, isolated in our global community, and to promote understanding while fund-raising for charities working in this field.
The project started as a dinner conversation between two friends, Marie and Banke. It is based on their shared concerns over the world in which they are living and bringing up children - and a feeling that they were powerless to do anything about it.
So they started with something they had power over: their voices. And they want others to use that power too.

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