Air purifier launches crowdfund bid as global air pollution problem is identified

A new air purifier that’s ten times more efficient than other models has launched a crowdfunding bid as a World Health Organisation (WHO) study reveals the shocking extent of air pollution. Hextio uses breakthrough technology to deliver results that are both energy efficient and affordable, making it the perfect addition for homes and offices around the world that are concerned about air quality.

According to WHO, 92% of the global population lives in areas affected by polluted air, which can contribute to a range of health risks, including lung cancer, strokes and heart disease. Around the world it’s estimated that 6.5 million deaths, or 11.6% of all deaths, are associated with indoor and outdoor pollution. 

Richard Greenwood, Director of Radic8, said, “The air we breathe is vital for our overall health and wellbeing and the latest figures on how many people are effected worldwide are shocking. Governments and organisations around the world need to step up and start taking action to tackle this global issue. While the average person can’t control the air outside their home they can take steps to improve air quality inside, including using Hextio to purify the air.”

Hextio provides an innovative and sleek solution to the problem of air pollution. The device is fully automatic and constantly samples the air and will switch to full fan when the air is polluted until it’s been neutralised. The technology used in the compact device means that it’s more efficient than standard air purifiers that rely on filters, Hextio is able to instantly decompose impurities, including nitrogen dioxide from traffic fumes, toxic gas from cooking, mould and fungi spores and airborne viruses.

The innovation hasn’t just focussed on the effectiveness of the air purifier either, it’s environmentally conscious, using just a quarter of the power of typical air purifiers, and has been designed to be affordable. Hextio will retail at £159 and the reactor cell only needs to be replaced after 8,000 hours of use. The consumables are among the most affordable in the industry, with reactor cells costing £35 and carbon filters, which need changing every six months on average, costing just £7 for two.

Hextio’s crowdfunding bid will start on the 18th October 2016 on Kickstarter and run until 22ndNovember. To support Hextio visit:

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Hextio is an air purifier and deoderizer that utilises the latest technology to provide results that are ten times more efficient than competitors and still remain affordable. The device helps to ensure that the air in homes remains clean and free from pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide and airborne viruses.

Another unique selling point to the hextio air purifier is the natural fragrance filter, an optional filter that sits above the air outlet of the unit and is filled with dried lavender.  The dried lavender gives a subtle aroma whilst being a natural relaxant that helps with sleep as well as having antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antitoxic properties.



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