Ankh Rah Names Moringa As The World’s Best Super Supplement

A high quality health and nutrition company is helping Brits enhance their health with a range of products harnessing the power of a super supplement called Moringa. Manufactured by Ankh Rah, the products bottle the health benefits of the tropical plant which is renowned as a rich source of nutrients and vitamins.

Found in tropical locales across the globe, the Moringa Tree is now referred to as a ‘miracle plant.’ Thanks to its high nutritional value Moringa extract is used to boost health, fight free radicals and enhance sports performance. The plant’s leaves are bursting with vitamins A and C as well as calcium, potassium, iron, protein, omega oils, amino acids, anti-inflammatory compounds and over 40 antioxidants. According to traditional African and Indian medicine Moringa also contains 359 known compounds which are said to prevent more than 300 diseases.

After two years of extensive research and travel, Ankh Rah’s creators found that even those in the health food industry hadn’t heard of Moringa. Driven by a goal to launch the unknown super supplement onto the public stage, Ankh Rah has created premium quality Moringa products that have the potential to change people’s lives.

Health buffs can choose from a range of products that decant the benefits of Moringa. Powder is ideal for adding to tea, smoothies, soups and salads, tablets offer on the go convenience, seeds make for a tasty everyday snack while oil is great for cooking and for massaging into the hair and skin.

Charles Roswess, Director of Ankh Rah said, “We’ve spent years researching the health benefits of Moringa and pinpointing the best way to transform the miracle plant into safe and effective health supplements. We sincerely believe that Moringa is the planet’s unrivalled superfood and are driven by a desire to share this knowledge with the world.”

Since launching, Ankh Rah and its range of Moringa products has created quite a buzz in the health, nutrition and wellness industry. In 2013 the company’s exclusive Moringa powder was crowned as best new product at the Natural Lifestyle Product Awards. In 2014 Ankh Rah enjoyed even more success, voted as a finalist for Best Small Business in the London Business Awards as well as being recognised as a Highly Commended Best Supplement contender at the Natural Lifestyle Product Awards. The company was competing against internationally renowned brands and its success is a testament to its genuine, high quality products that deliver on their promises. Customers have also given Ankh Rah’s Moringa products glowing reviews, testifying that it has delivered incredible results and remarkable wellness benefits.

Every Moringa product is 100% safe and classified as a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) food source without any negative secondary effects. The natural source also wins the product’s approval from the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) testing standards (ISO 17025).

Four years after launching its first product and Ankh Rah is well on its way to achieving its aim of making Moringa the world’s number one supplement. Ankh Rah is now recognised as a high quality brand with a commitment to quality. Interest in the product continues to grow and in 2015 the company is anticipating its most successful year yet.

All Moringa products can be purchased online via the Ankh Rah website. 

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About Ankh Rah Ltd

Founded in 2010, Ankh Rah is a boutique health and nutrition company retailing a range of high quality Moringa Oleifera food supplements. The plant is packed full of nutrients and vitamins that offer an array of health benefits.  As well as Moringa products Ankh Rah also manufactures a range of non-Moringa natural food supplements designed to boost health.