Apple users upgrading to iOS 10 can now back-up and restore their data with Dr.Fone

Users of Apple products that are concerned about losing their data can now take advantage of a service being offered by Dr.Fone. The company allows customers to recover, back-up and restore their data through its various offerings. Dr.Fone can also fix common errors users find when upgrading their device – including the dreaded black screen and continuous looping on start up. All of Dr.Fone’s services are now fully compatible with the latest iOS update, giving peace of mind to even more people.

When iPhone users chose to upgrade their devices to the iOS 9 operating system over 20,000 people lost their data due to updating failures and other related problems. By supporting those that are upgrading to the latest iOS 10 version, Dr.Fone aims to help reduce this number and keep customers data secure. If a consumer should encounter a problem they can use Dr.Fone’s recovery software to get all of their data back, from photographs to messages.

Selena Lee, Senior Editor of Dr.Fone, said, “We know that on mobile devices today we store things like photographs and personal messages that mean a lot to us. While many of us intend to transfer our pictures to secure storage devices it’s often something we forget to do and if something goes wrong and we lose our data it can be both annoying and upsetting. At Dr.Fone we work to recover and back-up our customers information and now that we’re fully compatible with iOS 10 we can help even more people.”

Dr.Fone can also help consumers if they’ve purchased the latest iPhone 7 and want to transfer their data from an older model or from an Android device. When it comes to getting rid of old devices the company can support consumers there too. While many consumers opt to remove data or do a factory reset, information can still be uncovered by hackers using recovery software, Dr.Fone’s SafeEraser ensures that there is no possible chance of recovery.

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Dr.Fone allows consumers to back-up and restore their information and data from their mobile devices. It fully supports both iOS and Android and covers a variety of areas, including data extraction, system recovery and data back-up and restore, ensuring that consumer data is secure



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