Are You A Consummate Leader? Take Leading Psychologist’s Quiz and Find Out

How do you find out whether your leadership skills are up to standard? Dr. Patricia Thompson, an award-winning expert in corporate psychology and leadership, has created a thought-provoking quiz for all those who want to test their leadership qualities and see if they come out on top.

The quiz – Are You The Consummate Leader? – is featured on Dr. Thompson’s website, and aims to assess the seven foundational qualities that the renowned consultant and author has found to be crucial to great leadership. With 35 questions all based on her book – also called The Consummate Leader – Dr. Thompson’s quiz aims to show participants exactly where they’re at in their leadership journey, and whether they’ll need to pick up a copy of her book to strengthen their skills.

Dr. Thompson says, “The quiz isn’t an all-encompassing leadership examination, but it offers participants an easy way to assess what I believe to be the most important qualities in any leader. Based on the research and the experience I’ve accumulated as a corporate psychologist, I’ve developed the quiz as a complement to my book. Readers can take the quiz before they read the book to see which areas of their leadership need the most work, then re-take the quiz after they’ve finished the book to track their progress and see how far they’ve come.”

The Consummate Leader is an interactive, holistic guide to professional development, with sections focusing on each of the elements of great leadership. Readers will learn how to develop a mindset that will maximize their growth, bring a sense of purpose and to the workplace, and coach employees in the most effective manner.  They will also learn how to care for themselves to facilitate progress and happiness in those around them, and discover how embracing their authenticity and originality can be a liberating – and potentially profitable – process in the workplace. The book also explains the importance of fostering strong, positive relationships with all members of a team, and being totally self-aware in order to enhance the way you influence people.

Accessible, humorous and full of valuable advice from famous figures ranging from Nelson Mandela to SpongeBob SquarePants, the book is a must-have for all those who want to empower themselves to become the leader they know they can be. The best leaders don’t just focus on strategy, metrics and the cold, hard execution to accomplish objectives; they nurture their minds, bodies and spirits, as well as the spirits of those around them. The Consummate Leader will teach readers all this and more, as it endeavors to provide a comprehensive guide to navigating leadership – and indeed, life.

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About The Consummate Leader – Published July 2014

While some hold fast to the notion that leaders are born, the truth is that leadership skills can be developed. But, what is the best way to best motivate others to accomplish great things?  In ‘The Consummate Leader: A Holistic Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others… and in Yourself’, award-winning corporate psychologist and management consultant Dr. Patricia Thompson draws on both scientific research and her decade-long experience advising senior leaders to outline the seven keys to becoming an impeccable leader, including how to:

Achieve heightened self-awareness to affect the way you influenceBuild a happiness toolbox to bring joy to yourself and those around youCare for your whole self first as a hallmark of effecting positive changeEmbrace your own authenticity to allow others to embrace their ownFoster positive relationships in the workplace that promote greater productivity – and job satisfaction

In her accessible and often humorous style – utilizing notable lessons from Nelson Mandela to SpongeBob SquarePants – Thompson reveals why truly outstanding leaders not only focus on strategy, metrics, and execution, they also tend to their minds, bodies, and spirits.  Endorsed by best-selling business authors Adam Grant and Marshall Goldsmith, and chock-full of real-life examples, thought-provoking exercises, and personal stories, The Consummate Leader is an indispensable book that will reshape the way you approach leadership – and life.