Are You A Power Couple?

When two powerful individuals embark on a relationship, it can be a little like two forces of nature colliding. Both are elite and successful people, with high-powered careers and incredible drive; they are passionate and motivated, and they favour their profession over almost anything. There can be power struggles and time restraints, and they can often feel like two ships passing in the night. So how does the power couple function? How do they strike the perfect balance between their work life and their personal life?

Hayley Bystram, director of Bowes-Lyon Partnership, the exclusive dating service for elite professionals, says, “Many of our clients are in high-powered careers and have worked incredibly hard to get to a position of authority and power. Though many believe this can have an adverse effect on a relationship, and even result on a continuous power struggle, in actual fact many of the couples we match up channel their passion and drive from the business world into their personal lives, making for successful long-term relationships that really last.”

There are many ways in which power couples can balance their personal relationships with the hectic working schedules that they must sustain in accordance with their elite position. One of the most popular and common ways is to plan ‘date night’. This tip has been tried and tested by power couples like David and Victoria Beckham, and Jay-Z and Beyonce, who set the very best example for elite dating and are often seen attending concerts, dining out and spending quality time together. ‘Date night’ doesn’t even have to be a specific night; set aside an activity during the week that both parties can attend and give their full attention to. Get up early to grab breakfast together at a local patisserie before heading to work, or arrange to have an afternoon free to play squash, go cycling or catch a movie. Remove all digital distractions, divert all calls to voicemail and simply enjoy quality time with one another without the constant cloud of work that can often descend.

Another piece of sound advice is to avoid bringing work home as much as possible. In such high-powered and demanding careers, it can be unrealistic to think that there won’t be nights where both will need to be crouched over laptops or hunched over desks, crunching numbers or negotiating deals, but try to ensure there are some ground rules. Don’t work in bed, don’t let checking emails be the first thing you do in the morning, and do make it clear that these rules should be adhered to by both people in the relationship. 

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