Art2Arts helps give creative graduates a platform to control their earnings

Creative graduates who are struggling to earn enough to support themselves in their artistic career are given a platform to keep up their creative practices whilst earning a living with The revolutionary online art gallery allows contemporary artists across the UK to regain control over their earnings by selling their own artwork online, cutting out the middleman to ensure the value of their work is kept.

It is commonly known that earning a good salary whilst perusing a creative career can be difficult, however a recent report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies has highlighted just how little the earning prospects are for those who study a creative course at University level. It was revealed that male graduates were earning just under £17,000 per year, whilst their female counterparts were taking home only £12,400. Innovative online art gallery platform supports UK graduates throughout this troublesome financial period and helps those worrying about their career options to restore their confidence in their chosen line of work.

“I set up Art2Arts myself as I needed a place to sell my own paintings,” commented Michelle Gibbs, director of Art2Arts, “But ten years on, I’m pleased to see how it has developed into a growing community for other artists to also sell their artwork online. Being an artist myself, Art2Arts was created with compassion for other artists in mind, and together myself and the creatives I host on the website are striving towards the same goal – to provide quality, original one off pieces to their perfect, loving home. The revelation of the earning power of creative graduates is worrying, however I urge artists wanting to pursue their career, without being exploited, to apply to Art2Arts to join the thriving community of other professional creative talent.”

Art2Arts require no joining fees, no membership charges, no contracts and no exclusivity. Instead the online art gallery asks for a smaller commission percentage than high-street galleries, leaving more profit to be enjoyed by the artists themselves.

Gibbs continued, “Even those graduates who have no choice but to gain employment elsewhere in order to afford the cost of living are invited to join, to take advantage of the free to use gallery space, and to supplement their earnings whilst continuing to create the artwork that they are passionate about”.

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Art2Arts is a growing online art gallery and community of artists all striving for the same goal - to offer something unique and one-off to customers. It prides itself on selling no mass produced prints, with only original artwork on offer to home-owners, collectors and businesses looking for that something different.



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