Art2Arts welcomes New Year with additions to creative community of artists

The final few weeks of December saw the world gradually grind to a halt, as businesses closed for the Christmas break and people spent peaceful festive days with family and friends. However, online art gallery Art2Arts showed no sign of slowing down this winter, adding to its talented community of innovative, skilled and sought after artists to ensure the New Year starts with an explosion of creativity for the growing retailer of original art.

Art2Arts is a digital art gallery platform where artists are invited to curate their own personal, virtual gallery ‘space’ to sell their work directly to their customers. With over 400 artists already showcasing their work through the unique platform, Art2Arts has quickly become a go-to destination for those in search of the best contemporary artists across the UK. However, every artist that wishes to use Art2Arts must pass a rigorous quality control test, ensuring the work that is sold online maintains the trademark high standard that the virtual art gallery has become known for. Peter Goodhall, Swarup Kumar Dandapat and Abi Witlock are amongst those whose paintings have passed with flying colours, adding to Art2Arts’ leading portfolio of talent. 

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed “The New Year provides an amazing opportunity for businesses to re-fresh and update their efforts, using the short break to bide time before hitting their customers with a new and improved offering in January. At Art2Arts we have no need to edit our strategy after enjoying a successful year, but we have been working on continuing to grow our community of artists for an even bigger and better 2017! I’m very excited by what this set of ‘new blood’ has to offer to my customer base, and can’t wait to gaze at the paintings for sale they produce.”

Peter Goodhall’s artistic fascination is easily recognisable in his series of work at Art2Arts, offering a selection of tranquil sea scenes that focus on the rippling nature of water, sometimes featuring human subjects interacting with these beautiful watery depths. However, where Peter uses oil to create his pieces, Swarup Kumar Dandapat prefers subtler water colour paints to create his urban and rural scenes in soft pastel shades. Abi Whitlock, like Peter Goodhall is also inspired by the human form and its effect when immersed in water. ‘Distortion’ is one piece that truly represents this, with her other works depicting other realistic wildlife subjects.

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Art2Arts is a growing online art gallery and community of artists all striving for the same goal - to offer something unique and one-off to customers. It prides itself on selling no mass produced prints, with only original artwork on offer to home-owners, collectors and businesses looking for that something different.



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