Artisan Cold Brew Tea Hits UK Shelves Just in Time for Summer

Summer just got more refreshing with the launch of a new cold brew tea company retailing health conscious beverages in a cornucopia of unique flavours. Fresh, calorie free and packed full of antioxidants, the luxury range of Ovvio cold brew tea is sure to be a favourite with those looking to cool down in style this summer.

Ovvio made its debut market appearance at Harvey Nichols London on June 18. The company celebrated with a special edition ‘Lovely Rose’ brew featuring an exotic and delicate blend of rose petals, buds, mint and hibiscus.

While iced tea has a reputation of being a ‘healthy’ choice many consumers fail to realise that conventional brands often contain just as much sugar and preservatives as their soft drink counterparts. Ovvio has made history as the first European manufacturer to produce artisan zero calorie cold brew teas that taste amazing without the need for artificial flavours and added sugars.

When it comes to drinks that complement a healthy lifestyle cold brew tea is the body beautiful choice. Rather than being brewed with hot water, Ovvio teas are steeped in cold H2O for a minimum of eight hours. This prevents the delicate leaves from burning, keeps enzymes intact and helps to intensify flavours, draw out nutrients and extract antioxidants for a delicious and wholesome experience.

The health benefits of cold brew tea are extensive, with drinkers enjoying fast-tracked weight loss, detoxification of chemicals and toxins, increased energy, improved mental function, a healthier digestive system, improved thyroid function, balanced blood sugar levels, stabilised hormones, glowing skin, and more.

For boutique hotels, fine dining restaurants, luxury department stores and other five star establishments, Ovvio cold brew tea drinks are a discerning addition to any drinks selection. Each blend has been crafted to complement the flavours and freshness of gourmet fare, without overpowering the food itself. Whether sipped at breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, a healthy cold brew tea is the perfect companion to any meal. Alternatively the teas make beautiful, bespoke luxury mini bar additions, healthy mixers or simple refreshers.    

Each Ovvio drink is brewed and bottled by a team of London-based master blenders with pure passion and respect for the product. This gives consumers the total peace of mind that they’re sipping on a premium quality British made beverage. The company sources the finest tea leaves selected from small scale producers who use traditional farming methods and environmentally responsible growing techniques.

RRP ranges from £3.95 - £4.95.

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Ovvio is Europe’s first manufacturer of cold brew tea. The company sources its leaves from premium suppliers, then steeps leaves in cold water for a minimum of eight hours in order to draw out flavours and intensify health benefits. The range is available in nine unique flavours, including ‘Lovely Rose,’ a Harvey Nichols exclusive.