Arts Practitioner Urges Voters to Think About Creative Education Policies Before Casting Vote

A dance and drama professional and businesswoman is asking the UK to consider arts and culture policies ahead of the general election on 7thMay. In addition to well covered issues such as the NHS, immigration and the deficit, Lynn Beaumont wants parents and theatre-goers to think about the value of arts and culture.

Lynn Beaumont, Co-Founder of and said, “Under this current government, investment in art and culture has declined and it’s had a negative impact on people who have studied for a career in the arts. It has also affected creativity in the school curriculum – we’ve found that more parents are using our resources and turning to local performing arts schools to give their child a creative education.”

Under the coalition, many arts centres and performing arts companies have lost part or all of their funding, and education ministers have demeaned creative subjects in schools. Dance and drama does not have to be offered compulsory in primary schools and there is less scope – or encouragement – for talented individuals to take arts subjects at GCSE.

Now the UK has a choice if they want to change that approach from the government. Ed Miliband has pledged to move the arts “to the heart” of a Labour government, creating a committee on the arts, culture and creative industries and ensuring all young people have access to a creative education if Labour is elected. The Greens are also the only party which has set out increased spending for the arts in their manifesto.

Lynn added, “There are just days to go before the vote which will decide how the country is run for the foreseeable future. If there are still undecided voters out there, I hope they will look up each party’s policy on the arts and let it contribute to their informed decision.”

Lynn, as well as managing a youth theatre group, runs two websites which act as dance and drama school directories across the UK. Users can search the sites for local stage schools and performing arts classes for children and adults. The websites are also great resources for teachers and professionals, with access to scripts, industry news, advice and workshop ideas. Theatre schools can sign up their dance and drama classes to advertise for free.

Lynn Beaumont is available for comment on any creative topic in the run up to and after the election. Please use contact details below.

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