As Online Games Trialed in Classroom, MyRealGames Boosts Brain Teaser and Problem Solving Selection

The free games website, has bolstered its selection of memory, problem solving and numeracy titles across its site as classrooms in the UK begin online games trials in schools.

Following hot on the heels of a study which found that playing action games could improve cognitive function, education experts in Great Britain have announced that children as young as four will be introduced to internet games in the classroom. The research trial is being carried out by academics at the University of Oxford in an attempt to show that online gaming can help teach youngsters essential mathematics skills.

The ultimate aim of the trial is to determine if teaching memory strategies improves academic results. The children will be led by teaching assistants in their online gaming. The interactive play sessions will use everyday items such as parcels and house numbers to help the students develop numeracy skills.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “We really welcome any integration of online gaming into the classroom, and it will be very interesting to see the outcome of this study. We have a great selection of games for kids including online games which can be used to help build literacy and number skills – great for playing at home as a family as well as in the classroom.”

The free full version PC game Word Quest in one example of a way parents can introduce education into gaming. Players get six letters and must work against the clock to create as many words as they can in the time allowed. The word puzzles can be played on hundreds of levels and are easy to play and learn.

In the fairytale-themed word game, Jabber, children must help Mr Rabbit to piece together letters and return missing words to his beautiful book. There’s also puzzle, card and board games designed just for kids to help test their memory and problem-solving skills – Jigsaw Boom can be customized according to the player’s own tastes and age range, with pieces from 12 to 850.

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