As Pokémon Go sweeps the globe, My Real Games welcomes new wave of mobile gamers

Following on from the release of Pokémon Go last week, streets across the globe have become busy with potential Pokémon masters searching high and low for their next ‘pocket monster’ catch. With this new release from Nintendo causing more people to enter the world of mobile gaming than ever, free gaming website My Real Games welcomes this new wave of players with a huge selection of mobile games on offer on their online gaming platform.

With less than a week on the market, Nintendo’s debut into mobile gaming has already achieved incredible success. It is estimated that in the US alone Pokémon Go has had 7.5 million downloads on iOS and Android, generating around $1.6million of daily revenue from micro transactions.  With these numbers only reflecting the success of the augmented reality based mobile game in one country, the amount of people now playing this game on a worldwide scale looks set to be colossal. As the popular ‘retro’ title, first launched in 1996, has seen those that are new to gaming reach for their smartphones and head to the app store, an impressive range of other mobile titles are available for recent gaming fanatics to explore at My Real Games, once the initial excitement of Pokémon Go has faded but the draw towards mobile gaming continues.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “Myself, and many others in the gaming community were understandably excited about this new release from Japanese gaming giants Nintendo. Although it was always expected that Pokémon Go would be popular, I don’t think anyone was prepared for the global success that the game is currently receiving. As an accessible entry into mobile gaming, this an exciting time for us at My Real Games, and we hope that those who discover a new passion for mobile gaming via Pokémon Go feel confident in continuing this hobby with the range of other fun titles on offer in the industry. ”

With over 100 mobile games on offer covering a variety of genres including sports, fantasy, adventure and more, free gaming website My Real Games can cater to the needs of gamers of every preference.

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