Augmented Reality Business Cards Set To Be Next Big Thing

One of the most common complaints regarding traditional printed business cards is their space constraints. The cards have to fit within wallets and jacket pockets, so obviously the limitations on their size also limit their content. It has been an important mission of many businesses to overcome these size restrictions using ever more creative means; the cards must have the ability to stand out from the crowd as well as performing their integral function of supplying vital contact information and offering a depicting of the company brand or individual ethos. In attempting to be as creative as possible, many businesses are now choosing to adopt the augmented reality business card.

Augmented reality business cards at first appear to be as basic and traditional as any normal printed business card. But the cards actually contain an augmented reality trigger, in the form of a logo or another symbol. When a device with a camera, such as a smartphone, tablet or webcam, is passed over the business card, the trigger is activated and the view through the lens of the camera is suddenly much changed from the normal business card it appears to be. This can be used to fully display the creative side of an organisation, with a plethora of choices to be made regarding the content.

The augmented reality aspect of the technologically advanced cards helps to overcome the space limitations imposed on business cards. They can contain embedded links to extensive price lists or company messages, they can link to a company or individual’s Twitter feed, or they can contain video clips or sound recordings. The sky is the limit with regards to imaginative and resourceful marketing here; companies can deploy them not only as a method of exchanging contact details but also as a promotional device within themselves.

One of the other major advantages of an augmented reality business card is that they are much more likely to be retained by prospective clients or business partners. If the trigger links to a constantly updated Twitter feed, or to a page which is constantly revised with new offers or discounts, recipients of these cards are much more likely to hang onto them and scan them with their smartphones or tablets on a regular basis. They are a great way for keeping clients up to date with goings on within a business, and those who receive them will be much less likely to discard them in the way they might a traditional business card.

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