Australian-Afghan Immigrant Turned Music Producer Challenges Anti-Immigration Sentiment

As a child born to refugee parents fleeing the turmoil of Afghanistan during the 1980’s, Shuja Rabbani is challenging the growing anti-immigration sentiment in Australia – his adopted country. He points to his own success story, as a music producer and blogger, as an example of how immigrants can contribute to their host country and blend their heritage with the culture they become a part of.

Rabbani’s parents fled to Pakistan and in order to pursue higher education he then moved to Australia to study at Western Sydney University. He is now returning to Australia on a short visit in November as one of Afghanistan’s biggest social media icons and most recognisable names having built up a reputation in the business and music industry and frequently commenting on political issues in his blog. As the son of Afghanistan’s former president, Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was assassinated in 2001, his comments have been used by international publications. Rabbani is now lending his voice to support immigration.

Rabbani is particularly critical of Australian politician Pauline Hanson, leader of the One Nation party. She became well-known in the 90’s following her extreme views on Asian immigration and has recently proposed a ban in Muslim immigration while commenting that the country was risking being ‘swamped’ by Muslims.

Rabbani said, “My immigration lawyer in Sydney told me that I was probably the first skilled immigrant from Afghanistan to ever come to Australia and since then I’ve proven that immigrants can play a major role in their host country by helping bring people together through understanding and mutual trust. The rhetoric that immigrants take jobs away from Australian citizens by anti-immigration politicians like Pauline Hanson is without substance. I’m a living example that immigration can be positive for both the individual involved and the country they move to and I’m sure there are many other examples all over the world.”

Rabbani is a member of the Australian Business Council in Dubai and notes that Australia helped open endless opportunities for him to advance his career. As well as a corporate position he is also making his mark on the music industry as Afghanistan’s first electric dance music producer, having released two albums – Alpha Male and Afghan Provocateur – so far.

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Shuja Rabbani is Afghanistan’s first-ever Electronic Dance Music Producer, social media influencer, and one of the few English bloggers from Afghanistan. His articles and tweets have appeared on international news sites including Al-Jazeera English, BBC World News, and Times of India.