Author S.K. Holder Launches Second Book in YA Bestselling “The Other Worlds” Series

Impressive Sci-Fi / Fantasy Author has a worldwide fan base.

S.K. Holder’s books are transforming the face of YA literature: 

The Plague of Pyridian breaks the YA mould by having an adult protagonist.

The Author is a graduate of London’s Guildhall University and has a Degree in Social Sciences.

S.K. Holder admits to being a hard-working writer who takes inspiration from Stephen King by making writing plans that work: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Like other eminent Female Authors in the YA/Sci-Fi Fantasy genre, including Stephenie Meyer (Twilight) and Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games), S.K. Holder has a fan base of loyal readers who keep coming back for more of her excellent plots and intriguing characters.

The Plague of Pyridian Synopsis:

It has been three weeks since Connor arrived home from Narrigh, and he’s seeking the answers to what took him there. He believes that his brother – Luke − is hiding something from him. His fears are confirmed when he follows him to the company which created The Quest of Narrigh game: Tridan Entertainment. While there, he meets Ted Carthy, a games developer. Ted introduces him to Tridan Entertainment’s latest release, the online sci-fi role-playing game, The Plague of Pyridian. Connor accesses the game and is transported onto an alien planet where he discovers the terrible truth about his family heritage. Ted Carthy’s inquiries into the mysterious disappearance of a number of company employees’ leads him down a treacherous path. Meanwhile, Skelos Dorm continues his trek through Narrigh’s perilous terrain in search of a way out. In doing so, he stumbles across an unlikely ally...   .”


I found it riveting. Something totally different and a really good story. SK Holder has managed to cross the line between fantasy and reality in a very clever and enthralling manner. The characters are very well written, as is the plot and the whole story line. It’s a highly entertaining novel.”

The Quest of Narrigh by S.K. Holder is a really nice read. The background of the various different worlds is quite fascinating, and holds the potential for a few follow up books (and the title actually suggests that there will indeed be more). I could also imagine this as a fantasy TV series.”

“This story is filled with magic, suspense and strong characters in a well developed plot. The author ensures that readers get to know these unique characters, especially the main ones, by giving each a section of their own. I was drawn into the adventure because of this and enjoyed it very much. It is original and a book I recommend.”

       Publisher: Rogghorn Press  |  Publication date: 21.04.2016 | ISBN: 9780993293795

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