Average time to sell a home falling despite rising asking prices

New research by I Am The Agent, the UK’s pioneering online estate agent, has shown that despite house prices soaring to one of their highest points since the 2008 recession, the average time required to sell a home is tumbling. Those looking to sell should allow an average of just six weeks for the For Sale sign to change to Sold.

Rebecca Peach, Managing Director of I Am The Agent, said, “The property market is a little unsteady right now. However that doesn’t mean that now is not the right time to sell. Interest rates are at their lowest point ever, so those looking to make their first leap onto the property market will more than likely take advantage of this. Likewise, those looking to upscale might also be looking to move on as they discover they can afford to do so.”

I Am The Agent specialises in working with homeowners to market properties to their full potential. A property in Cleethorpes recently sold after just seven days on the market – despite a longer than usual national average being common to the area. And a house in Harrogate sold in 21 days, where the average time taken to sell is 57 days.

Rebecca, added, “Our research shows that the average time taken to shift a property is a lot less than many fear. Six weeks is a relatively short period of time, especially when you couple this with increased asking prices, which demand higher deposits and bigger mortgages. Some properties sell in a matter of days, whereas others take longer but on average, vendors should expect to take around a month and a half to find a buyer. The best way to ensure any property is attracting the right kind of attention is to choose a professional agent. With our new website launch and extensive selection of tools, I Am The Agent works with homeowners to ensure they are fully supported and have all the tools they need to control the process from start to finish.”

I Am The Agent is the UK’s most comprehensive online estate agent. Offering customers a professional, yet personal, service, it provides a stunning platform for showcasing homes to their full potential. Allowing customers to ‘become the agent’, it gives back control to the people who know the house best – the homeowner.

The Greenwich-based agency has a fully-transparent approach, with all fees stated upfront. Packages start from just £19 including VAT for lettings, and just £49 including VAT for sales.

To find out more about I Am The Agent and its pioneering approach to selling a home, visit the website: www.iamtheagent.com


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