Award Winning US Auto Touch-Up Formula Hits UK Market

Keeping cars in pristine condition just got easier with the launch of a tried and tested DIY automotive paint chip repair system on UK shores. Loved by American car owners since 2001, the innovative Dr. Colour Chip system has now officially established a distribution network in the UK. Quick, simple and cost effective, the system offers a permanent solution to unsightly marks and ‘road rash’ symptoms.  From accidental city street chips to gravel laden country road catastrophes, Dr. Colour Chip is the go-to touch up solution for any less than perfect paint job.

Unlike many other touch up paint products on the market, the specially engineered Dr. Colour Chip formula does not inflict cars with unsightly cases of automotive measles. The unique plasma paint is made up of high-quality automotive tints and chemicals designed to speed dry and blend away excess paint in just minutes. This means paint stays only in the chips, ensuring a smooth, dealer worthy finish without fail.

For years, Brits have been forced to order Dr. Colour Chip from the USA, slapped with high shipping fees, duty and VAT on import. The recent UK distribution announcement eliminates these extra costs, making the award winning US product an affordable touch-up paint solution for proud car owners across the nation.

Bill McLean, co-owner and developer of Dr Colorchip US said, “We’ve been in business for over 10 years during which time we’ve built up over one million satisfied customers. The unique product is clearly superior to anything else on the market, which is why Dr. Colour Chip won itself status as the number one touch-up automotive paint solution by the American Wall Street Journal. We are incredibly excited to announce UK distribution and help British drivers keep their vehicles in tip-top condition.”

Using a proprietary three-step chip repair process, Dr. Colour Chip is the easiest and most effective way to smarten up vehicles.  Every order is custom mixed to ensure a guaranteed colour match and unparalleled professional results. Users simply dab, smear and blend for an instant touch up and flawless ‘like new’ finish. The formula also actively protects against rust and long-term damage, ensuring that cars stay looking newer for longer.

As well as offering individual car owners a cost effective DIY paint chip solution, the company is also in the early stages of developing a commercial offering designed for detailers, car washes and repair centres.  The opportunity to offer a competitive touch up service with outstanding results is sure to be a hit with UK auto entrepreneurs.

Repair kits are available in four sizes to suit the individual needs of each customer. Prices start at just £29.99 for Basic Repair Kit including OEM match paint, SealAct blending solution, ultra-paint brush, nitrile glove, white blending cloth and instruction sheet.

From robust Land Rovers to zippy Vauxhalls, Dr. Colour Chip is set to be the touch-up paint solution of choice for car owners across the UK.

To find out more about Dr. Colour Chip, request a sample and place an order for one of the great value chip repair kits, visit the new UK website at: or contact Chris Lynch at, or 07881535473



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About Dr. Colour Chip: Made in the USA, Dr. Colour Chip is an award winning

DIY custom colour paint chip repair solution. Using a unique formula and innovative three step repair process, the product is renowned for its professional finish and flawless results. The company has recently secured UK distribution, meaning British consumers can now enjoy a direct ordering process free from shipping fees, import duty and VAT.