Axtrum offers comprehensive application development for businesses

Axtrum offers comprehensive application development for businesses

Application development has become imperative for business growth and the majority of firms now recognise the need to invest in the technology but almost half fail to fully implement a mobile strategy. Companies need tailor-made apps and programs that reflect their objectives to get the most out the opportunity they present, says business development firm Axtrum.

A survey has found that last year, 52% of companies had a fully implemented mobile strategy and 90% planned to increase their investment in applications in 2016. Using the planned investment for application development and creating a custom app could provide companies with a competitive advantage, according to the industry experts at Axtrum.

Choosing to develop a custom mobile app and working with a provider that understands each business’ objectives allows exclusive and solution driven functions to be incorporated. Tailor made application are valued because they aid firms in increasing productivity and efficiency and support communication, sale and data goals.

Vikram Saxena, CTO of Axtrum, said, “Businesses can often be tempted by ready-made applications but each firm is unique and faces different problems. These challenges should be taken into consideration and can change the whole perspective of how an application should be developed and what it can achieve. There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to application development, here at Axtrum we work with businesses to develop innovative and forward-thinking applications that perfectly suit the needs of each customer.”

Axtrum uses a unique methodology that takes a holistic approach of the challenges a business faces to craft and develop an application that is both business focussed and delivers value. The company investigates the problems faced by any business and uses these to craft an exclusive, smart solution driven application using the latest technology.

The firm focusses on building long-lasting, professional relationships with clients enabling them to get a deep understanding of each customers’ requirements and priorities. By taking this approach Axtrum is able to provide services that uniquely meets a business’ needs and adds value.

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Axtrum is a leading business development firm that creates bespoke solutions to help businesses succeed. The firm focuses on delivering value to the businesses they work with, offering a range of services, including application development, digital transformation, business intelligence and cloud strategy. 



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