Axtrum Utilises Holistic Approach To Create High-Impact Business Applications

Every business is different. And as a result, the way businesses approach tasks is different. But in this digital world it can be all too easy to take advice from generic online outlets in order to drive forward a business. Yet the best way to push forward a brand and cement it as a leader in its respective sector is to take a unique approach, according to business development firm, Axtrum.

The company, established in 2009, is focussed on a truly holistic approach. Unlike other business intelligence solutions on the market, the innovative application takes into account how each individual business is going to benefit, rather than simply creating a technical solution based on figures.

The pioneering firm believes there is much more that goes into creating a business strategy than technology. Although the advances in technology mean data can be more easily analysed, listening to, and understanding each business, is the single most important part of building up a business.

Abhinav Pandey, CEO of Axtrum, said, “We are wholly focussed on delivering the best possible outcome for businesses. We consider the unique advantages to a business rather than simply creating a technical solution, and our unique methodology looks deeper into each business process and understands what the key objectives are. Our overall goal is use the latest technology to create a solution that is business-focussed.”

With many years’ experience working within the business world under their belt, the Axtrum team blends industry knowledge, processes and unique business awareness to create an easy-to-understand, yet inherently useful, application that business owners can utilise in order to drive forward their growth objectives.

“Every business is unique and there can never be a one-size-fits-all solution, continued Abhinav. “Our focused efforts come from a learning inside the business world and understanding the challenges companies in all sectors face. And as a result, we aim to help businesses overcome these challenges to enable them to flourish in the business world.”

Axtrum focusses on building long-lasting, professional relationships with clients in order for them to get a deeper understanding of each customers’ requirements and priorities. By taking this approach the firm is able to provide services that uniquely meets a business’ needs, and as a result, add value.

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Axtrum is a leading business development firm that creates bespoke solutions to help businesses succeed. The firm focuses on delivering value to the businesses they work with, offering a range of services, including application development, digital transformation, business intelligence and cloud strategy. 



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