Back To Basics With Hand Pallet Trucks

Technology is advancing at the speed of light in this day and age, and with new, more advanced products hitting the shelves all the time, purchasing new equipment can be confusing to say the least. For managers or owners, with decisions about budgets and benefits hanging over them, it can be hard to justify splashing out on the newest apparatus whenever there is a new release, especially as a newer model will be along six months down the line. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest; Midland Pallet Trucks have been a provider of pump trucks and pallet trucks for over twenty years, assisting many companies to make the most of their workforce by utilising the most simple and versatile trucks. Their selection of basic hand pallet trucks provides high-quality whilst attempting to adhere to the tough budgeting demands of many businesses, and Midland Pallet Trucks are confident that they have a truck to fulfil every brief.

There is no point in investing in the newest gadgets for the workplace if the equipment which carries out the everyday tasks is substandard. The humble hand pallet truck can carry out more briefs than the vast majority of typical workplace equipment, and does so at a fraction of the price. The 2500kg (2.5T) Capacity Hand Pallet Truck available from Midland is a best-seller, with its simple but incredibly versatile construction and its hardwearing exterior. The dual controls (hand lever and foot pedal) offer maximum control for operators, and the grease fittings at all of the pivotal points ensure long life and low maintenance levels; surely the top of the briefing list for any pallet truck. Available for just £229.95, this simple pallet truck is adaptable and strong, offering great value for money and the practicality that some specialist trucks cannot supply.

A traverse pallet truck can carry out the functions of an ordinary pallet truck, with the extra capability of being able to navigate long loads down narrow aisles. The ACTWO Traverse Pallet Truck provides more convenience and flexibility in its range of movement, and can carry out more varied tasks. The forks measure in at 540mm x 1150mm, compatible with popular euro pallets, and the truck can carry up to 2500kg (two tonnes) when moving forwards and 1500kg when traversing sideways down aisles or through awkward spaces. These trucks are the bread and butter of any workplace, with their extensive capabilities and low prices, combined with high-quality and long lifespan.

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