Balancing Act: Love and Careers

The vast majority of Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s clients are highly successful individuals in powerful jobs. They have worked their way to the top, and understand fully the commitment that comes with such a high-flying career. This is a benefit to clients of the elite dating agency, as they are more likely to be matched with an individual who will not begrudge them staying late at the office to clinch a deal. But there are also ways in which a love life and a work life can be balanced effectively; follow these helpful tips in order to enjoy a stable career as well as a thriving relationship:

Date Night

One commonly suggested tip to enjoy a flourishing relationship is to set aside one ‘date night’ every week in which all work commitments are put aside in favour of one evening of pure enjoyment. David and Victoria Beckham, with one of the longest marriages in the world of showbiz, swear by this tip, making time to enjoy a romantic meal, a trip to the cinema or a night at the theatre at least once a week.


The saying goes that variety is the spice of life. For those with high-powered careers, such as the typical client of the foremost introduction agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, setting aside a whole evening can be a tough ask, and so thinking outside the box and making time for a partner at an unconventional time can help to keep things interesting. Meeting for breakfast before work, or getting up early on a Sunday morning to take a brisk walk are ways in which a date can be fit in around a hectic work schedule.

The ‘First Two Hours’ rule

For those who found love through an exclusive dating service and are now co-habiting, the ‘two ships passing in the night’ scenario can often become a reality. One way to overcome this is to create a ‘first two-hours’ rule, wherein the first two hours upon immediately arriving home from work are dedicated purely to spending time together. Smartphones are turned off, laptops are avoided and work is postponed slightly to enjoy the simple pleasure of eating dinner together and talking about the day.

Stay Connected

In the world of social networking, there is no excuse for not remaining in touch with a partner. Constant contact is undesirable, and it is important that there are some space boundaries, but for the times when escaping the office at lunch isn’t practical, a Skype chat can be a great substitute. Taking the time to send them a short email or instant message can help to stave off a sense of disconnection which often stems from a busy work life.

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