Bathrooms: Modern or Traditional?

Bathrooms can often be separated into two distinct styles: traditional and contemporary. Everyone has their preference, whether it is the vintage claw-footed freestanding bath that is synonymous with a traditional bathroom, or the sleek lines, modern technology and minimalist feel of the contemporary room. This guide from bathroom experts Bella Bathrooms examines both unique styles; which one will you go for?


Old-style, traditional bathrooms are the fantasy of many interior designers, who love the decadence of chandeliers, freestanding tubs, gilt-edged mirrors and baroque light fittings. Hallmarks of this look include vintage bath and shower mixer taps, real fabric used throughout the room, high cisterns and ornate fixtures. Think carved mirrors flanked by wall lamps, heavy curtains around large windows and bidets for that real old-world charm.

The downsides of the traditional bathroom are largely linked with the amount of fabric used; unlike many modern bathrooms, which go for the ‘wet room’ feel, traditional style bathrooms still opt for a lot of carpet, with rugs and curtains very much a staple in these rooms. Families with small children may need to veer away from these rooms, whilst those looking to sell their home could stand to modernise to appease a more neutral buyer.


The modern bathroom is full of sleek lines, minimalist design, splashes of colour and a wet room type construction. Shower cubicles are made from frosted glass, baths have spa-quality jet streams within them, LED mixer taps indicate water temperature and heated towel rails offer warmth and style. These rooms are often heavily tiled from floor to ceiling, often in pretty mosaic patterns or one solid block of colour. Minimalism is a must in this look; traditional bathrooms can often get away with ornamental bottles and soap dishes, but modern bathrooms need extra storage to avoid clutter and really pull off the look.

When designed properly, contemporary bathrooms can provide a spa-like feel within any home. The only downside is that they can sometimes feel too clinical and cold to be a room in someone’s family home.

So which one will you choose? Both have their merits, scope for personal quirks and design, and the ability to modify them to suit any home. Modern bathrooms are great for space-saving and making a bathroom family-friendly, whilst a traditional bathroom can really add a sense of elegance and timeless style to a home without making it appear too cold. Whichever you go for, there is plenty of room to shape each look into the bathroom of your dreams. 

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