The Boom Boom Mansion, couples fine art retreat, is hosting a new Surrealist Art collection by Muyiwa Olumide, Surrealist Artist and Scientist. The Boom Boom Mansion, Gallery, is an opportunity for couples to connect for an exclusive stay in this oceanfront home to shop for surrealist fine art, exotic safari furniture and an exclusive private label yacht-wear collection showcased in the home. Singles can also book a weekend stay with the Artist himself.

Muyiwa says, “By first living with all pieces, couples share memories with each piece to determine which works of art, furniture and clothing they wish to purchase. Thus, christening each piece as a symbol of unity for each couple.” 

Muyiwa Olumide began his artistic exposé under his father Fola Olumide, an architect, engineer and artist. His father's pieces displayed abstract African art through paint on canvas. Muyiwa's mother, before her untimely death, was a paediatrician and fashion designer whom sought to balance both worlds through a collection of children's clothing under a label called Rainbow Child.

Influenced by parents whom were both artists and business professionals, Muyiwa expresses this mix of seemingly unrelated worlds through surrealism. Muyiwa combines elements of science, bra design, and poetry into each piece to depict his never-ending struggle to connect unrelated worlds. The thesis of his work is drawn from Plato's questioning method, however focuses on connection. The question? What happens at the point where polar elements meet: Art meets science. 

The viewing of Muyiwa's art speaks directly to one's subconscious mind, taking one to a space within their mind where they had never previously known existed. Through the juxtaposition of poetry, fashion, film and science, one's mind is forced to take a holistic approach in understanding these categories that one would ordinarily view separately. This opens the gateway of the viewer's mind to link the calculative portion of the mind with the artistic portion. Once that link is formed, the viewer's mind can view life through the same holistic lens.

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