Be part of the pledge to say yes to ‘say no’ with new Kickstarter campaign reviving a historic lesson in women’s rights

In a world where the fight for women’s rights is still an ongoing battle, short film ‘Il Rifiuto’ revives a historic tale of one woman’s refusal to marry her abuser. Those wanting to spread the true story of bravery can join the campaign on Kickstarter now, to make the pledge ‘Say yes to Say NO’ be heard louder than ever.

Creative designers and directors Yuri Buzzi & Najma Bhatti were compelled to create ‘Il Rifiuto’ after hearing Franca Viola’s incredible story and breakthrough in human rights. 

The movie takes the viewer back in time, to a 1960’s Sicily where women’s rights are little to behold. Yet, when 17 year old Franca Viola is asked for her hand in marriage from her kidnaper and rapist, she boldly refuses – a move which would traditionally bring shame on her. Not only does she refuse, Viola takes her abuser to court where he is sentenced to a decade in prison.

Through telling this incredible story of courage and determination, Buzzi and Bhatti hope to inspire strength in women worldwide. A social media campaign ‘Say yes to say NO’ will accompany the film, signifying the directors’ commitment to spreading the powerful message of one daring woman.

Yurj Buzzi, Director, said, “Anyone interested in equality in the world will find it hard not to be moved by this historic true story – still as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. We hope to inspire those who care to support us in our pledge, to re-tell the tale in cinematic format, with the sophistication and impact it deserves. We Say yes to say NO – do you?”

The creative duo need help in making their ambition happen, and as such a Kickstarter campaign has been launched. Those who are also moved by Violas story can truly join the movement and become part of the incredible ‘Il Rifiuto’ project now.

To help fund the production of Il Rufutio, and to join the pledge to ‘Say yes to say NO’ head to the Kickstarter page:

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Il Rifutiois a film based on the true story of Franca Viola who was kidnapped and raped at 17 and shocked the public by refusing a shotgun wedding. Join the campaign now to say yes to say NO’.



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