BeatWoven® Launches a Bespoke Luxury Woven Collection for Harrods, Translated from Classic British Pop

Introducing BeatWoven®– a multi-award-winning label which is striking a unique chord in the prestige interior design market. The pioneering range of woven luxe fabric uses technology to visualise intangible audio patterns created by popular music, fusing them with traditional woven patterns. The first collection, DreaMelody: Patterns in Play is now available at the iconic Harrods, and each exquisitely crafted piece is set to create an impact this festive season as cultured fashionistas search for the perfect magical gift.

The DreaMelody collection is a quintessential British range, capturing the essence of magic and fantasy through the use of classic pop songs by the UK’s finest musicians. From ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ by The Beatles to ‘A Kinda Magic’ by rockers Queen, the beautiful range sees these timeless songs transposed into four luxurious textile pieces and art cushions.

BeatWoven was born in 2008, when founder Nadia-Anne Ricketts began to explore the link between the language of woven textiles and sound. The result was its Fabrics of Sound range, which through innovative technology reveals patterns rooted in music. Designed by Nadia-Anne Ricketts, her approach blurred the boundaries between aesthetics and audio, opening a whole new dimension in music.

To create the fabrics, songs are played through the bespoke BeatWoven technology in order to translate the audio into digital patterns. The design team then study and edit the pattern to ensure its artistic integrity – some of the patterns are left completely untouched, while some have their most aesthetically pleasing elements carved out then repeated, flipped, looped or mixed to create a sublime graphic tribute to a much-loved piece of music.

Woven on a silk warp at the last remaining English silk weaving mill, each fabric features an abundance of luxury pure silver metallised yarns, and is finished with a cashmere treatment to give them an extra special handle.

Designer and creator Nadia hopes that the pioneering collection will show that weaving is not a lost art, and can still be used to create cutting-edge pieces. Nadia says, “I want to show that weaving can be fun, sassy and sexy – it’s not all about tartan mustard tweeds. Weaving is a timeless craft with an abundance of heritage and skill, and BeatWoven fuses it with modern technology to create a truly unique story that places weaving on the frontline of forward-thinking design.”

She adds, “Using classic British songs about magic and fantasy, BeatWoven aims to create mystical, dreamy textiles that are perfect for the home, and would make wonderful gifts for music or art lovers this Christmas season.”

The collection offers fabric by the metre, so the creatively inclined can work their own magic on the textiles; whether they wish to upholster furniture or make wall panels, the DreaMelody collection makes for a wonderful piece of conversational art. The cushions are available in a variety of colours and sizes so that it’s easy to choose the piece that will work in perfect harmony with an existing interior.

For more information about BeatWoven and the DreaMelody collection, or designer Nadia-Anne Ricketts, please visit the website:  and watch the video:


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