Become a Private Investigator with Intensive PI Courses from Bluemoon College

One of the country’s biggest private investigation agencies has announced a series of exciting new training courses, in the wake of relocating their offices to London. Bluemoon Investigations has thrown open the doors of ‘Bluemoon College’, offering a range of courses to help people enter the world of private investigations, or simply enhance their personal skillset.

The courses include an introductory session – a PI Taster Day which will give budding investigators a glimpse into life as a private detective. The experience gives you a chance to get to grips with real PI equipment and methods used in modern day investigations. It includes a foot surveillance operation as part of a team in the field. All delegates signed up to the course will get a real feel for life as a PI, and the chance to sign up for further courses with Bluemoon College.

Will Clayton, Director of the Bluemoon Investigations Group, says, “We’re very excited to be offering these modular courses to anyone who has ever fancied becoming a professional, trained PI. Our courses cover all levels – so whether you’re a total beginner or someone already in the profession looking to add more strings to your bow, you’ll find new and exciting courses relevant to your needs with Bluemoon College.”

Mr Clayton adds, “As well as the on-the-job training like process serving and how to use GPS tracking devices, we offer business and marketing courses to help new PIs build sales and develop a client base. All of our students are trained by experienced PIs who have been there and done it all – and they’ll benefit from a combination of theory study, workshops and hands-on training.”

Bluemoon Investigations was established in 1980 and was one of the country’s first agencies to offer its services nationally, through a large network of local offices. Founder Keith Walker received numerous requests to train aspiring PIs to his high standards, and Bluemoon College was founded in 2003. The college has gone from strength to strength, and after a rebrand and a move to the capital, the institute is ready to take on and train the next generation of PIs.

As well as beginner courses and classes on specific subjects, Bluemoon College offers an intensive, advanced course on becoming a PI, helping students to set up their own agency and build their experience over twelve months. The tutored

course is based at the new Bluemoon offices in central London, with a mixture of practical exercises and theoretical work to ensure that new PIs have all the skills they need to comprehensively succeed. 

For more information about Bluemoon College, or to sign up for a course today, visit the website:


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