Bespoke handrail company combines cutting-edge technology with traditional practices to bring homes to life

Modern technology has revolutionised the way people live their lives, transformed business operations and overhauled traditional methods. However, it is usually the processes that combine traditional means with modern technology that produce the most fruitful and interesting enterprises. And Handrail Creations, one of the UK’s finest producers of handrails, is no exception.

Established in 2014, the company is one of the most popular manufacturers of bespoke handrails having adorned a plethora of both commercial and residential properties right around the country. And part of their success is due to their attention to detail by combining modern manufacturing methods with traditional techniques to create luxurious one-off handrails, mixed with their love of all things technology.

The company uses state of the art measuring equipment, as well as modern CAD software to design ornate and unique handrails for a range of spaces and buildings. This allows designs to be brought to life on-screen and enable customers to make any alternations and changes as necessary until they are firmly happy with the design.

Kenny Macfarlane, MD of Handrail Creations, said, “We know how important it is to get things right first time – especially when talking about homes and important buildings. That is why we combine the modern technology with the tried and tested hand crafted methods that have been used for hundreds of years to create truly spectacular handrails that you won’t find elsewhere.”

Once customers are completely satisfied with the design, work can then begin. Only the finest quality hardwoods are chosen, and state of the art machinery is used to ensure precision of engineering standards. All of the handrails are put together by expert craftsmen dedicated to delivering high quality every time. As a bespoke company, the team also prides itself on delivering exactly what the customer wants, so will take any ideas on board and do their best to tick every box, before turning the 3D designs into reality. The company works with luxury building companies, architects and contractors.

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Owned by father and son collaboration Martin and Kenny MacFarlane, Handrail Creations utilises the experience and expertise of a collaboration of designers, programmers, machine operators and installers to deliver gorgeous bespoke handrail designs within the UK and internationally.



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