Bespoke Storage Solutions Available Now from Rapid Racking

For more than 25 years, Rapid Racking has been one of the UK’s more trusted suppliers of shelving and storage solutions. Their free design service is ideal for businesses looking to store their products more efficiently, and can help to create a bespoke, personalised racking system for every workplace. Having previously worked for companies such as GAME and LOVEFiLM, Rapid Racking understand what it takes to provide the highest quality shelving, and the free service assists clients with every aspect of the process, from conception and design, to installation and completion.

The first step in the process is to create a design. The team at Rapid Racking listens carefully to the requirements of each individual company and gets an idea of what the client needs, either over the telephone, via email or through a visit to the premises itself. Solutions will be discussed, with any specific needs identified and noted. From here, the design process really begins; Rapid Racking provide clients with 2d and 3d images alongside a detailed quotation for the work to be carried out. The images can really help clients to visualize how the design will fit in and benefit their space. Adjustments can be made until the client is entirely happy with the design, enabling the design team to begin the third step – the installation.

The installation team is adept at finding ways to fit the product without disturbing the workforce. Work can continue as normal while the installation takes place with the least amount of fuss and disruption to the working day. Rapid Racking have worked with companies like AJ Walter Aviation for example, an aircraft component company who wanted to install a two-tier shelving system with an added mezzanine floor. The 24-hour dispatch operation which Rapid Racking embarked upon ensured that the company got their new storage system with minimal fuss.

Two-tier storage solutions are among Rapid Racking’s specialities, making the most of storage space by going up rather than out. Storage can be doubled with an extra tier of storage; the Rapid 1 Two Tier Storage System stands at up to 4.7 metres, but each system can be adapted to suit all business’ needs. Extensions to the side and at the end can help to optimise space further, and the whole thing can be designed, delivered and installed for under £12,000.

Rapid Racking also provide high-specification shelving such as Cambro units (often used in strict food and hygiene environments), cantilever racking and drive-in racking. The entire bespoke design service come with free advice, quotes and site visits to truly make the most of all storage space and optimise productivity for the workforce.

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About Rapid Racking: Rapid Racking pride themselves on friendly, informative attitude and a no-fuss approach.  They aim to exceed customer’s expectations by providing low cost, easy assembly shelving and racking for a variety of storage needs, combined with a friendly service and guaranteed quality.



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