Bespoke Team Building Packages From Sundial Teamscapes

No two businesses are alike, which is why the UK’s leading provider of team building activities is now offering complete bespoke programmes especially designed to provide the optimum blend of fun and learning.

Sundial Teamscapes, by Sundial Group is a complete teambuilding activity toolkit and now, with the new bespoke personalization options, can be used to create a wholly unique day or half day event that meets learning outcomes while engaging and entertaining participants.

Lucy McGibbon, Sundial’s Learning & Development Director said, “There are many opportunities to choose from when considering team building. One thing that sets Teamscapes apart is that they are nationally accredited team building activities like no other in the UK. We provide events that focus on developing people, enabling them to work more efficiently as a team and have fun together as a group, achieving a certificate in Team Building equivalent in an NVQ level 2.”

All Teamscapes teambuilding activities are designed to blend fun and learning but, the focus can be shifted to focus more on one than the other in a bespoke package. Designed by Sundial’s teambuilding consultants, the perfect package is created after a discussion to establish your company requirements. Whether an organization is looking to encourage personal development, improve team motivation or develop communication skills and problem solving skills, or getting people to think outside of the box, a blend of suitable culinary, indoor and outdoor teambuilding exercises will be prescribed.

Each activity varies in complexity and objective, so a number of different activities can be included to keep participants fresh. Along with complex problem solving tasks such as the Block exchange indoor team building activity, there are fun culinary problems including cocktail and chocolate challenges.

The 'toolkit' that makes up the Teamscapes activities delivers learning in a range of formats. The more activities included in the bespoke programme, the more effective the learning will be as each individual is offered more opportunities to practice what they have learned.

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About Sundial Learning: The Sundial Teamscapes team building activity toolkit is the next generation of work-based development, with straightforward delivery of powerful learning outcomes in a format with which everyone will engage.

Step away from classroom based learning and instead connect with simulations of everyday challenges in a non-threatening environment, to observe how the individuals in your team respond to situations and to each other, in order to develop.

Teamscapes can be delivered at any venue or at your workplace.  The toolkit has a selection of indoor and outdoor team building activities, as well as culinary-based activities.



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