Offers Comprehensive Resource for Enthusiastic Archers

A brand new site has launched, offering an informational resource for keen archers all over the world. aims to educate and inform readers about the benefits of recurve bows, as well as providing tips and help on choosing the right bow based on the user’s preferences.

Recurve bows have curved limbs, shaped to store more energy and utilise that energy more efficiently than regular straight-limbed bows. Arrows show from a recurve bow can travel much faster, with less energy used by the archer, making them a prime choice for anyone who loves to indulge in archery as a hobby, or for practical purposes such as hunting.

A spokesperson of, says, “My site is the go-to resource for all things related to recurve bows. I’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide for those who’d like to invest in a new bow or upgrade their existing one, and the site is packed with educational articles and blogs that will help archers learn everything there is to know about this specific type of bow.”

They also added “There are even articles for those who have no idea what a recurve bow is! We have a beginner’s guide and plenty of tips for newbies testing out this type of bow for the very first time. The aim here was to create an educational hub, which becomes the first port-of-call for archers wanting to perfect their technique, buy a new bow or simply do some reading about this popular activity.”

The site is also home to reviews of specific recurve bow models, with a multitude of testimonials already on the site. From the traditional Mongolian recurve bow, to stylish entry level models like the SAS Spirit 66 Takedown, the site analyses every aspect of the bows to provide a balanced and informed opinion of each. The bows are given a ‘Final Verdict’, and some of the finest bows are awarded with a ‘Best Value’ badge.

All of the bows are rigorously tested during the review phase, with the team behind the site providing their in-depth insight and analysis of the equipment, to better inform readers.

To read up on the latest reviews and blogs on recurve bows, visit the website:


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