Billy McSwain Issues Call To Dream Big. Get Focused On Your Goals. Go Into Action. Be Persistent And Consistent.

These are the words of Billy McSwain, Star Ambassador for Vemma, the company behind a revolutionary nutrition drink that is changing the lives of not only those who drink it, but also those who sell it. Billy’s story is just one of many, of people whose lives were transformed beyond their wildest dreams after being introduced to the Vemma product and business model.

His story is nothing less than inspirational. Hailing from Salisbury, North Carolina, he tasted success at a young age when he began working for a reputable beer distribution company at the age of 21. Within just a few years he had risen through the ranks, had earned enough money to buy homes for not just himself but for his parents, drove an expensive sports car and even wore a customized four carat diamond ring, all paid for with his own hard earned cash. As he puts it himself “From a young age I learned to dream big.”

By the age of 25 he thought he had it all. The house, the car, a wife and two beautiful daughters. Fast forward 25 years, however, and it was a different story. Billy was working sixty, sometimes seventy hours a week in order to maintain the lifestyle he had become accustomed to. He was now a single dad and suddenly out of nowhere, the company that he had worked so hard for over the years decided he was no longer needed and he was let go.

“My world came crashing down around me” says Billy. “I remember sitting there and hearing them tell me that I no longer had a job, but it was like I was just watching it happen from outside my body. I really didn’t say very much. I was in shock.”

But for some people - people like Billy McSwain - failure is not an option. That ambition to dream big that had driven him on in his younger years kicked back in and he knew he had to do something. Thankfully, Billy was introduced by a friend, John D. Phillips, to Vemma 7 months earlier - a radical nutritional drink that harnesses the antioxidants found within an exotic South Asian fruit called mangosteen. This tasty little fruit belongs to a select group of foods that are known as “superfoods” because of their almost miraculous health benefits such as anti-aging and cholesterol lowering properties.

The effects Vemma had on him and his family were profound. Not only did the antioxidant and nutritional qualities drink itself make him feel great inside, but he was inspired to pick himself up and go into business spreading the word about Vemma.

Within a year he was earning the same amount as he was after 25 years of service with his previous job. After 3 years he was earning 5 times that. “VEMMA has taken the monkey off my back, and I now live a stress free life. I have the freedom to be a full time Dad to my girls.” Says Billy, “I've earned enough stable, residual income to buy them both new cars, take them on vacations, help pay for their schooling, and still sock some money away for emergencies. I've been able to buy a new 535i BMW for myself and travel whenever I want."

Billy now travels the world spreading the message that hard work, self-belief and determination can pay off. He is now one of the most respected representatives of the Vemma brand. The disclaimer on Vemma’s website does point out, however that the “results [are] not typical, your results may vary. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.” Billy McSwain for one is living proof that if you are willing to dream big and put in the hard work, your dreams can come true no matter how big they may be.

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