Black British Network Calls on Public to Help Launch Afrocentric Channel

A team of media professionals is reimagining the face of contemporary online television and launching a niche free video streaming platform dedicated to creating, promoting and distributing black and Afrocentric content. Inspiring, empowering and inherently entertaining, Black British Network is set to take UK screens by storm when it goes live later this year. To fast-track the project, developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise £12,000 by August 21.

The Black British Network is underpinned by a vision of combating existing negative stereotypes of the black community. There is a particular focus on boys and young men as it is this demographic that receives the most animosity.

Rosie Salmon, Director said, “We’ve come a long way as a community, however there is still a plethora of progress to be made. Black British Network has been founded to trail blaze the equality movement and help build a better, more equal Britain.”

The network offers a myriad of social benefits, irrespective of cultural background. Black British people have played an important role in shaping the face of Britain as we know it and by celebrating the Black British community. Black British Network hopes to reflect a sense of national identity, character and cultural diversity. The content will also echo the unique cultural contributions of black people, to both Britain and the world.

To fight adversity Black British Network will use positive media imagery. The intention is to transform negative stereotypes while simultaneously educating broader society on African and African-Caribbean diaspora history and social issues. The network asserts that the promotion of a greater awareness and understanding of black people and black British issues is the key to building an equal society.

As well as changing societal conceptions of Britain’s Black demographic Black British Network will also serve as an empowering platform for Black viewers. The network considers itself a powerful tool to help black people find solutions to the problems and disadvantages they face in contemporary Britain. The station will shine the spotlight on culturally relevant news, information and issues while concurrently providing black viewers with empowering content reflecting their culture, identity and affairs.

Black British Network aims to target a diverse viewer network. As such it will showcase a range of different genres including sit-coms, documentaries, films, dramas, children's shows, lifestyle programs, business news, arts, science, engineering, agriculture, sport, medicine and more.

Every scheduled programme will be selected on the basis of several core values that the network is built around. This include accepting responsibility, sharing or honouring possessions, celebrating family stages and accomplishments, breaking stereotypes, understanding feelings, facing current social problems, teenage lifestyles, parental authority, grand-parenting and family respect.

To fast-track Black British Network to online screens developers are calling on the public to support the project via a Kickstarter campaign.  No contribution is too small and all donations will help the project tremendously. In exchange for public support the Black British Network is offering generous donators a series of tiered rewards. Pledges of £1 or more will receive a special ‘thank you’ message on Black British Network’s Twitter page, pledges of £15 or more will receive a ‘thank you’ email and branded t-shirt while pledges of £150 or more will receive a hamper full of goodies, a t-shirt and three copies of the first in-house Black British Network documentary and special ‘thank you’ in the credits.

To find out more about the Black British Network and support the cause, go to:


Dakota Digital for Black British Network

Contact: Rebecca Appleton


Tel UK: 01623 428996

Tel US: 917-720-3025


Black British Network is a niche video streaming platform dedicated to creating, promoting and distributing black and Afrocentric programme across a range of different genres. The network is driven by goals of combating negative societal stereotypes, empowering the Black British population and creating a racially equal nation