Blogging Platform Niume Adds Revenue Sharing Feature For Content Creators.

LONDON, September 7th, 2016 - After several months of strong growth, the blogging platform has started sharing revenue with its bloggers. Content creators are now able to earn revenue from their very first post and receive payments starting from a low payment threshold ($10), something not offered on other blogging platforms. An easy-to-read dashboard allows Niume bloggers to track how much they are making based on the number of article views.

In July 2016, the company closed a second funding round of £400,000 led by UK 2016 Angel Investor Of The Year, Simon Thrope, an early investor of Swiftkey. Their initial round was raised on crowd-funding platform, Syndicate Room, where they reached their funding target within a week.

The platform has rapidly grown in influence and size, with over 1,200 bloggers creating long-form content weekly, 50,000 registered members, 2,000,000 unique monthly visitors and over 160,000 Facebook fans.

Niume’s intuitive interface has made it a hit with content creators who can create a blog without any previous knowledge of setting up a website.

The key to Niume’s success is how it solves a major problem for content creators. Although it is now easier than ever for anyone to create a blog and begin creating their own content, with so many sites and blog posts published everyday, it is almost impossible for people to stand out in the crowd and monetise their work. Niume is revolutionising the current state of blogging by making it a collaborative experience. Instead of standing on their own, content creators on Niume publish their work on collaborative blogs called spheres which cover different interests and have an existing audience of hundreds of thousands of readers. This allows bloggers to reach an instant audience and monetise their content from the very beginning.

As Niume Co-Founder Daniel Gennaoui notes “ it’s important to us that creators benefit from their own work, because without them, the site would not exist.” Co-Founder Francesco Facca adds: "While traditional blogs and other platforms work by followers, Niume works by interests, allowing each user to take full advantage of the growing community".


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About The Company

Niume is a Collaborative Blogging Platform. The platform revolves around 20 collaborative blogs called SPHERES which cover different kinds of interest and reach millions of people every month. The purpose of the platform is to allow anyone to become a successful blogger by giving them an instant audience for their content, connecting them with like-minded creators and allowing them to monetise their content automatically.



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