Boost productivity levels throughout offices with original art

Finding the key to productivity is the ultimate goal for many organisations, and because of this need for efficiency many offices are designed as sparse, white spaces in order to remove any distractions for their workers. However recent studies have proved this mind-set wrong, suggesting that workers perform better when placed in ‘enriched’ environments. Using this theory, the extensive range of original art available from Art2Arts could provide the perfect levels of creative stimulation at an affordable price, for offices in need of a productivity boost.

Dr Craig Knight led the research behind this art-based revelation during his 12 years of studying the psychology of working environments at the University of Exeter. When participants were asked to work in an ‘enriched’ environment containing pre arranged art and plants, they worked 15% faster than those who worked in a space that had only the tools necessary to complete a task. As well as the productivity benefits, hanging creative pieces of work in waiting rooms and common areas where clients with meetings take place can also help to provoke conversation by creating a talking point.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented, “Art is commonly bought to hang in homes or hospitality environments such as restaurants and hotels, but for some reason many offices tend to steer away from such purchases, choosing to create a ‘sterile’ environment for working instead.”

Gibbs continued, “Creative inspiration and welcoming atmospheres can aid the thought processes of employees, and the research by Dr Craig Knight has shown this. Choosing vibrant and interesting pieces to decorate an office can inspire workers, creating engagement and boosting the mood which in turn increases productivity.”

Art2Arts is an online art gallery that enables original artists to sell their work directly to the customer, ensuring that every piece of artwork is unique and authentic. A wide range of painting styles, mediums used and subject matters can be found on the online art gallery, at an affordable price to suit any offices budget.

Discover the benefits of beautiful artwork that extends beyond the home and browse the selection of art available at

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