Borough of Poole Council - Wheeled Bin collections and deliveries off to flying start

CK Services, a division of the CK Group, has been appointed by Craemer UK to provide wheeled bin distribution and recycling services to Borough of Poole. 

The project will deliver enhanced kerbside recycling services to residents of the Borough.  As well as the distribution of new wheelie bins, the CK Services team will collect around 61,000 end of life wheeled bins which will be recycled through the CK Group recycling plant in Lincolnshire.

Since Borough of Poole launched their blue bin recycling service ten years ago many more items can be recycled and it has proven to be far more cost effective to enable residents to recycle more of their waste. The Council has agreed that the standard bin provision for all properties is one large blue recycling bin and one smaller black refuse bin. As many of the original black bins are beginning to age all households in Poole will be have a ‘bin swap’ from June 2014 onwards.

Mark Parsons, Street Scene Team Manager for Borough of Poole Council commented,  “The teams have excelled in working together to solve any issues quickly and efficiently with superb levels of communication and prompt and pro-active responses to any issues or concerns.  CK Services have provided regular daily reports which have given Borough of Poole a clear update on the current position."

The project is slightly more complex than usual as we are also distributing black bins, however the teams are confident that they will overcome any challenges."

He added, "This is a great example of partnership working and a credit to all involved.”

CK Services work with over 300 local authorities as well as most of the major wheeled bin manufacturers and waste management companies throughout the entire UK.


For further information please contact: Bev Cook

Tel - 0787 184 5911

ABOUT CK Group Limited

The CK Group comprises CK Polymers, CK Plastic Recycling, CK Compounds, CK Hong Kong & CK Distribution. Collectively they are one of the largest buyers of recycled waste plastic and regrind, which it processes at its facilities in Binbrook, Lincolnshire, & Melrose, Scotland. This is then sold on as high quality regrind or compound to its extensive network of purchasers, which are mainly compounders, injection moulding companies and other plastics manufacturers across the UK, Europe and Asia.

CK Services is a complimentary division, which works with local authorities, bin manufacturers and waste management companies to deliver wheelie bins, kerbside boxes, food caddies and literature to hundreds of thousands of households across the UK. It then also collects the wheelie bins at the end of life for recycling into regrind and compound, which is again sold to injection moulding companies and plastics manufacturers across the UK, Europe and Asia.

The group has a combined turnover of £24 million and has 65 employees.



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