BPA Free Water Bottles from Hydration Centre help to Hydrate without the Harm

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical often found in water bottles, as well as in many other hard plastics used to contain food and drink that humans interact with every day. Although the use of this chemical in consumer goods is widespread, research has raised many concerns about the negative health effects of being exposed to the chemical at such a large scale. It has long been noted that drinking water from a plastic bottle can help to increase levels of hydration in those who need it most, so for them, this research is worrying. Choosing a KOR One water bottle from Hydration Centre can put those worries at bay, as no BPA is used in the production of the bottles, meaning users can hydrate without the risk of further ill health.

Awareness of the medical benefits of keeping hydrated is growing and it is something that is of increasing importance to vulnerable groups such as small children and the elderly, as well as every human who is concerned about staying healthy. By ensuring enough water is consumed every day, tiredness can be combatted, cholesterol can be reduced and digestive disorders can be eliminated, amongst many other positive effects.

Although the body requires proper hydration to function well, humans only become aware of being dehydrated and feel thirsty once the detrimental effects have already begun. To combat this, water bottles are often recommended by many medical professionals as a way to actively keep hydrated and to keep a body functioning well. Using a water bottle made using BPA substances however can make this move towards better health seem like an uphill struggle.

Trevor Hudson, creator of Hydration Centre commented, “BPA is known to have many detrimental effects after regular exposure, such as impaired learning, damage to the brain, hormone based problems and it may even increase the risk of some cancers - it is difficult to understand why it is so prevalent in many consumer products today. At Hydration Centre we aim to make drinking water more appealing and as such, none of our range of water bottles contain BPA or any other chemicals that are toxic to the user. Anyone concerned with keeping hydrated can do so without the risk of harm, with a water bottle from Hydration Centre”.

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Hydration Centre believe that hydration can be easily integrated into even the busiest of lifestyles by using a high quality product to store water in - making a style statement whilst looking after your health. The result is their unique range of KOR water bottles, offering beautiful hydration products that are safe to use and totally BPA free. 



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