Brand New ‘Easy Roller’ Trucks Land at Pallet Trucks UK

Pallet Trucks UK have announced the addition of two new trucks to their existing range of manual handling equipment – enhancing their position as one of the UK’s top suppliers of pallet trucks. The two brand new ‘easy roller’ pallet trucks are set to offer increased variety for businesses in need of a manual handling solution which balances productivity with safety, and are sure to be a hit in warehouses, factories, distribution centres and other industrial settings across the country.

The two models cleverly incorporate a foot lever, which can drive the truck forwards and make life easier for operators. The traditional pump action of the handle is used to rotate and drive the rear wheels of the truck, massively reducing the initial force needed to make the pallet truck move. Starting the movement of a very heavy load can be tough for those operating a fully-loaded pallet truck – too little force gets them nowhere, but too much force can see accidents when trucks become out of control. The brand new trucks make it easier to kick-start the initial movement, reducing the risk of accidents and boosting control for the operator. 

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK, says, “We scour the world in order to find the best quality pallet trucks for sale to our customers, not least with the addition of our ERA25-A and ERA25-B trucks. Prioritising operator health and safety without compromising on productivity, the trucks are an excellent addition to our ever-growing collection. We can now confidently say that we have a stock of pallet trucks to rival anyone in the country, and we’re one of the prime destinations for buyers looking to expand their fleet.”

As well as making it easier to drive and control heavy loads, the manufacturers of the trucks have also added a feature which allows it to navigate doorways and thresholds. An innovative brake function makes it possible to navigate shallow inclines, with no danger of the truck rolling backwards with a heavy load. This offers extra mobility and accessibility throughout the workplace, and could quite easily plug a gap in a pallet truck fleet that many equipment managers have coveted. Being able to easily transport heavy loads over small lips or up shallow inclines with relatively little force is something of high demand in the industrial world, and will give the trucks an added dimension sure to make them a best-seller.

Both trucks have a capacity of 2500kg, and both have easy rollers for simple loading. The only difference between the two is the width of the forks – the ERA25-A model has forks suitable for the popular Euro pallets, while the ERA25-B model has slightly wider forks, suitable for the GKN-blue pallets.

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About Pallet Trucks UK: Pallet Trucks UK is part of the Midland Bearings Ltd Group. It occupies a 60,000 sq ft distribution warehouse containing over £7 million worth of materials handling stock available for immediate shipping.