Brand New Rigid GoPro Case Flies Off The Shelves at Amazon

The launch of a brand new rigid OnTheGo2 GoPro case on Amazon has gone down a storm, with the product in high demand for users of the cult favorite camera. The movie-making public have gone crazy for the carbon fiber case, with its waterproof seal and carrying strap – and it’s easy to see why.

The OnTheGo2 GoPro case has been described as one of the best of its type on the market, with one satisfied buyer even going as far as to say it’s the ‘perfect’ case for a GoPro. Made from the strongest premium components, the case is lightweight and compact enough to make it the perfect travel companion, while also maintaining a hardwearing and robust exterior that protects all contents from harm.

Inventory of the fantastic GoPro shell reached dangerously low levels after the product’s launch, with hundreds of them now winging their way across the world to owners who can’t wait to get out into the open and test their new case to the limits.

A spokesperson for the OnTheGo2 GoPro case says, “We’ve been amazed at the response that the case as elicited from the buying public – we almost sold out of the cases after the launch! We feel vindicated and enormously pleased that our hard work in creating this product, and ensuring it’s everything a GoPro user needs, has paid off.”

The fantastically rigid case fits GoPro Hero cameras like a glove, with anti-shock EVA padding fitting around the technology to offer total protection. There are also numerous compartments within the case for chargers, batteries, lenses and the other accessories that GoPro users carry. The camera and all accessories are kept safe with double zippers, which rain-proof and splash-proof the case, protecting the contents from the elements.

GoPro launched in 2002 and has become the go-to product for any outdoor thrill-seekers who want to film their pursuits. The fantastic new GoPro Hero case is the ultimate companion for the sought-after camera, making travel with this expensive technology a breeze.  

For more information about the brand new GoPro case, or to buy it from Amazon, visit the product page:

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